If Worthy Words were Orthy Ords

I’ve came to the conclusion that while the English language contains 26 Useful Letters, certain letters receive disproportional attention. Generally they are the ones at the beginning of the alphabet. When I was in school, teachers used children’s last names, in alphabetical order, to assign tasks. These included going up to the blackboard to do a tricky bit of arithmetic, or running an important errand. Often the teacher started at the beginning of the alphabet with each new day. My last name came near the end of the alphabet, which was a mixed blessing. Sometimes the bell rang before it was my turn to go to the board. But sometimes it meant I never got picked to do delivery jobs that got me out of class.

The dictionary plays up the fact that some letters are more special than others. My copy of Webster’s has lovely incised tabs, and it allots one whole tab to each of the first three letters – A, B and C. Only one other letter receives the same attention – the extremely useful letter S. All the other letters must share a tab with at least one other letter until it gets near the end of the alphabet. W to Z are all lumped together like an afterthought.

I take exception to that, as I am very fond of the letter W. It has been anchoring my last name since the day I said “I Do.” W shouldn’t be thrown in with X, Y and Z, letters that are clearly more limited in practical use. If you doubt the value of a W, think what the lovely phrase “Worthy Words” would be like without a W. “Orthy Ords” just doesn’t sound right.

Very frequently I read some Very Worthy Words written by other bloggers, and I would like to point you in the direction of these blog posts. I know you will appreciate how thoughtfully they choose a good selection of letters from the alphabet in order to entertain their readers!

The Brown Road Chronicles writes an absolutely mouth watering post called Fine French Cuisine. You’ll appreciate his Haute Dauge au Meat de la Mystére!

Ramblings solves the Unemployment Problem in the United States.  A must read for all employers who want to test for deadwood.

Murrmurrs also has some cooking tips. Her post I Do Too Cook tells you everything you need to know about poaching an egg.

The Crabby Old Fart at The Problem with Young People Today writes about conning the cons with his post called Pen pals for Senior Citizens.


My Similar Word Story: Complaints Department – Too Many Words – some days it is hard to keep up with all the information

8 thoughts on “If Worthy Words were Orthy Ords

  1. Hey, Margie. Thanks so much for the shout-out. Not only should “W” have its own tab, it should have its own book!

    And I love Don Mills at the Crabby Old Fart, too – guy’s a genius. I’ll check out the other blogs.

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