I Said Rain – not Snow!

snowy bleeding hearts

Towards the end of our stay in Arizona, I saw a TV commercial that made me long for a rainy day. An off road vehicle was driving up a winding mountain road. A light rain was falling. I remembered how

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‘Unseasonable’ Weather, Climate Change and Forest Fires


What causes ‘unseasonable’ weather? According to this report in ‘theguardian’, unseasonably warm weather is an indication of climate change: April 28, 2016, Australia – “Unseasonably warm weather a clear sign of climate change, say scientists.” But what causes unseasonably cold

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Vaguely Familiar Abstracts

540 Spruce Needles Snow

Can you guess what these ‘abstract photos’ are – from the hints in the quotations below the photo? There was a rough stone age and a smooth stone age and a bronze age, and many years afterward a cut-glass age.

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Dinnertime in the Desert

539 Harris Ground Squrrel

Dinnertime – does it mean lunch to you, or is it supper? An American Kestrel with a Fresh Protein Bar A Bumblebee at the ‘Pollen Bar’ A Harris Ground Squirrel with ‘Spiked Golden Barrel Fruit’ If I were invited to

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Your Dad Won’t Call an Exterminator

538 Front door step

This post is for my children. It explains why their Dad doesn’t just call the pest control people… GEICO’s recent commercial, “Spy – It’s What You Do,” features a Bond-style hero who is interrupted by a phone call from his

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Landscape – Highway 12, Utah

537 -Utah Landscape-2

Calf Creek Overlook on  Scenic Byway 12, south of Boulder, Utah. Unique panorama photos of this area are at Don Bain’s Panoramas. In 2002, State Route 12 was designated an “All-American Road.” Spanning 122 miles, and connecting Capitol Reef National

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Half Moon Sunrise

536 sunrise moon Arizona

The photo challenge this week is Half-Light. At sunrise this morning, the moon appeared to be Half too! The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness. ― Brian A. McBride, Dominion – Same time, same sunrise, same moon (that

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Well of Lost Thoughts – 2015

535 Well

When I find ideas that speak to me, but I’m not ready to blog about them,  I save them on my Fueled by Chocolate ‘Well of Lost Thoughts’ Page. Here are just a few of the ones I have ‘rescued’

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Books and the Guerrilla Librarian

534  Self help

In ‘The Alphabet and Good Intentions’ I explained the rather unique book filing system that our local librarians use. On occasion, this drives me to distraction – so last week I kind of refiled all the John Grisham’s. Now his

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