A Line Up of Sunrises

We have a roof top patio in Arizona - a perfect place for watching sunrises, sunsets, and star gazing. The science behind contrails is fascinating. Contrails should never be a cause for alarm; after all, folks don’t flip out on chilly days when their breath forms a cloud. If it’s cold enough and the air... Continue Reading →

Mildly Amusing Missives #2

Robert Fulghum - Questions and Answers Question: If you could live your life over, what changes would you make? Answer: None. Well, maybe I wouldn’t have eaten some bad oysters, and would forgo the times I had too much wine and was miserably hung over. But otherwise, I’d live it all over again – knowing... Continue Reading →

Not Fueled by Chocolate

As I slide towards another birthday, I am reminded that increasing age diminishes my ability to shed those extra pounds that cluster around the part of my body that makes me look like a pear. An unfortunate side effect of getting older is that it is getting harder to maintain anything remotely resembling an hour... Continue Reading →

Rosemary, Rabbits and Rattlers

This story starts with a large clump of Rosemary. It has apparently become the home of an Arizona Cottontail Rabbit - or I think that is so, since I have seen it (the rabbit) bolt from there on a number of occasions. It is a very handsome rabbit and except for it's fondness for the... Continue Reading →

Blanche Russell Rock Houses

A few years ago, after a visit to the Grand Canyon, we drove east on Hgw 64, then north on Hgws 89 and 89A. We crossed the Colorado River on the Navajo Bridge, and were on final approach to the Vermillion Cliffs when we were surprised to see some mushroom shaped rocks that looked like... Continue Reading →

Mildly Amusing Missives #1

When Grammar and Punctuation Walk into a Bar I've posted a new series of quotations on my blog, The Quippery. They are  jokes about Walking into a Bar, but the subjects who do the walking are unusual. The Trials of Being Senior The other day, my mom asked Siri to find information on senior self-defense.... Continue Reading →

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