How to Make a Paint Brush Saver

Sometimes when I am in the middle of a painting project, I don’t want to clean my paint brush until I am done. Sometimes being done means tomorrow, or the next day. Or, sometimes it is a month later if the Never Ending Reno is in progress…

  • I’ve tried wrapping my paint brush in clingy wrap, but the other day I ran out of cling wrap. So I popped the uncleaned wet paint brush into a small heavy duty zip lock bag. I scooted the brush over to one side and  zipped up the bag as close to the handle as I could.  Then I folded the empty part of the bag around the brush as many times as it would go. Lastly I used a twist tie to secure the bag around the handle. So far I’m on my fourth week of not being done, and the brush hasn’t dried out at all.
  • A similar process can be used for paint rollers. Lay the uncleaned wet roller on a square of cling wrap and wrap it up tightly. Pop the roller into a plastic bag, preferably the long plastic sleeve that new roller refills come it. Secure the open end with a twist tie.
  • Lastly, the paint in a paint tray can also be saved for later. Lay cling wrap right over the surface of the paint in the tray. Cover all the paint surfaces. Pop the entire tray into a plastic kitchen catcher size bag, and secure the open end with a twist tie.

I purchased several teflon coated paint trays because I don’t like cleaning paint trays. After I am finished painting, I leave a fairly thick coat of paint in the tray, and let it dry. Once well dried, the paint peels right off the tray. If the paint coat is too thin, it is more work to peel it off.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make a Paint Brush Saver

  1. Hi Margie,
    Yes what you speak of does work, but please allow me to show you my new product to address the brush and the can too with zero mess and effort. It is the Paint Brush Storage LId by Gadgetry. It’s on amazon: It eliminates sticky plastic bags and seals the paint can too, for a moment, days, or weeks. Want to try one? let me know I’ll get you one.


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