More Time – a Clock Collection

“Whatever” Time

It is rather ironic for me to talk about time. I have never worn a watch. I can tell you what year it is, and what month it is, but I won’t know exactly what day of the month it is. I might be able to tell you what day of the week it is, and I will certainly know whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening. But I won’t know what time it is, exactly. Unless I have to be somewhere or do something at a specific time – then I will consult one of the many clocks we have in the house.

“ISH” Time

clockMany years ago, I spotted the perfect clock for me.  I should have bought it, but didn’t, and regretted the decision for a long time. I eventually made a similar clock for myself, and it is one of my most valuable possessions. It runs on “ish” time. Logically it should not have the minute hand on it. But I consult this clock when I want to know the time  more precisely than the “Whatever” clock. So, I put the minute hand on. The grandchildren love this clock. Actually what they love is turning the hands. After a visit from them I have to reset the time and take a few kinks out of the hands.

Middle East Time

The kitchen clock was a purchase I made in the Middle East. The numerals are Eastern Arabic. It is amazing how many people look at this clock, read the time, but don’t notice the numerals.

Digital Time

Twice a year, we go through the ritual of setting our clocks – our part of Canada  observes Daylight Savings Time.  Actually, it is the Spousal Unit who performs this task. He used to be pretty thorough about the job, but with the advent of digital clocks in just about every appliance, he has given up. He sets the most critical ones, and leaves the rest to fend for themselves. It doesn’t really matter much whether the water softener cycles an hour later for six months of the year. It does matter if the furnace comes on an hour after we get up…

The Quippery

Alberta is discussing the possibility of scrapping Daylight Savings Time. If this change was to come about, the province could either go with Saskatchewan and [Central Standard Time], or stay at [Mountain Standard Time] all the time.

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