Blogs that Use More than Mere Words

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why Bloggers like to use one or two per post. Apparently, the average attention span of blog readers, once they have decided to read beyond the title and first few lines, is about 500 words. The average blog reader, then, would spend about 2 minutes to read a post of this length. It would take only a few seconds to view a picture, but that would be like adding a thousand words to the blog, yes?

Some bloggers make extremely good use of pictures to tell their stories. Some of these artistic souls are:

Angie Stevens shares her sketches at Doodlemum. If you have children and a cat and a husband, or have ever known children, cats or husbands, you will be absolutely smitten with this blog.

Bent Objects
Terry Border shares his designs at Bent Objects. Everyday objects are transformed into, well, imaginative works of art, with a few bits of wire! A good example is this one: A Pair of Lovers.

Message With a Bottle
A Stay-at-Home Dad talks about raising a child at Message With a Bottle. His Tell-All is done with Post-It Notes. Very ingenious!

Rudolf Vlcek Photography
Rudolf is a physician in the Czech Republic. His Photography invites us to visit Prague and the countryside beyond that delightful city.

Salman Khan Educational Videos
Here is an interesting TED talk by Salman Khan, explaining the concept and development of the Khan Academy. The goal of the Academy is to deliver a world class education to anyone, any age, anywhere in the world. The Khan website contains links to over 2100 videos covering many subjects. Each series starts with a simple explanation of the topic, and then gets progressively more complex.

Royal Wedding
I’m not a big follower of Royal events, but I couldn’t resist posting this link to a pattern book by Fiona Goble called “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding“! The little characters are absolutely wonderful! A bit of British Humour at its best!

Earth Hour
Don’t forget March 26th is Earth Hour. At 8:30 PM, run around your house and power down as many electrical things as you can. Light a few candles and then find things you can do that don’t require electricity. Ponder on the fact that this is what it was like for our not so distant ancestors! When the hour is over, only turn on the things that are absolutely necessary. Here is a cute video called Energy, Let’s Save it!


My Similar Picture Story: Bicycle Fence in Washington – This picture says many things about the artist who put it there!


A little bit of dark chocolate each day is probably good for you. I eat more than a little. I'd rather die younger and be a happy chocolate eating blogging-photograher, than live longer in an old folks care centre...

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14 comments on “Blogs that Use More than Mere Words
  1. I’m not much of a picture poster, occasionally I do but I guess I’ve decided my talent here is writing, not posting photos of stuff. I know my blog would probably be more interesting if I could develop a theme of images that go in my posts. Your examples are great and I can think of many more, people that add personal drawings, photos, etc. I barely have time to write let alone be an artist too!!


    • Margie says:

      I would love to be talented enough to create my own art. Alas, I am not. Photos are my only recourse. They are a bit time consuming to add, though. I resize them so they don’t take up too much space, and I add a border and my copyright. All this takes time!


  2. Right-o, our not-so-distant ancestors–in my case, my own parents. My grandma didn’t even get indoor plumbing until the sixties.

    And we might as well have been among the candle set when I was growing up. Believe me, there were no lights on without a person directly under them reading. Now I’m the electricity nazi in the house.


    • Margie says:

      We had an unplanned Earth Day yesterday. A power outage hit our area about 8 PM, and the power was off for about 4 hours, I guess. We lit a few candles, talked for a while, and were in bed and fast asleep by about 10 PM. We have an emergency generator, and it kept the furnace running, which was nicer than having to go out and start chopping wood for the fireplace. We live in a rural area, so no power also means no water. Phones weren’t working either. My husband looked at me and said, “I guess we are really off the grid now!”


  3. billbirnbaum says:

    I haven’t yet used photo images or diagrams in my blog, though I’ve thought about it. And regarding the number of words in a post, I’ve read that, to hold reader attention, “don’t exceed 500 words.” While most of my posts are roughly 500 words, on a couple of occasions I’ve gotten “carried away” and gone to 700 words or more. Bill


  4. The Hook says:

    Pictures can make or break a post sometimes, but writing is the key. Where would bloggers be without words?


    • Margie says:

      Doing a photography blog, I guess! Which reminds me, Popular Science used to have a feature called “Wordless Workshop.” The artist, Roy Doty, would draw DIY projects, using pictures, but no words. Same concept that IKEA uses for instructions for putting together their products.


  5. Marta says:

    I usually use the images as a link to my poems.😀


  6. Marta says:

    Exactly , I agree with you! In fact it’s the same thing for me , and I think that it could be an important help not only for a poem but also for a simple post.


  7. Tien says:

    Hi Margie, sorry I couldn’t find your contact deatils so I am writing it here…
    I’ve passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you:)
    Come accept the award here!


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