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That Will be a Frosty Friday – The Magic of a Heavy Frost

“Never say never.”

All parents eventually  learn that the word ‘never’ should not be used in the following sentence: “My child would never…”  It is an invitation that no child can resist.

A more lengthy version of the same maxim is: “That will be a Frosty Friday” which also implies a statistical probability of zero. However, this morning it is a Frosty Friday, which just goes to show that anything can happen!

Frosty Icicles.

Evergreen branches coated with frost.

heavey frost AlbertaJack Frost muffles the bell.

heavy frost AlbertaEven a simple post is covered with frost.

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    • These are my pictures, but it was the Car Guy who phoned from work and said, “Be sure to take a picture of the icicle hanging off the front of the Dakota Truck!


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