Dandelion – Common Weed with Beautiful Seeds

Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
But they don’t get around
Like the dandelions do.
– Slim Acres –


The Common Dandelion. Would you be surprised to know it is part of the Daisy family? And that at one time in Europe it was carefully cultivated because it was edible? That is why it was brought to North America by our forefathers. It was a  source of food!

The leaves can be cooked or used in salads and are high in Vitamins A, C and K. The roots can be dried and used as a coffee substitute.  The flowers can be made into wine. The seed heads are  food for some birds.

At least, that is what I’ve read about dandelions. I’ve never actually tasted dandelion, until today. I found a few nice healthy plants in my flower beds – not too big, unblemished dark green leaves. I picked a few leaves, took them inside, washed them well, and bit off a mouthful… Ugh – quite bitter, really. Maybe that is because it is late in the season. I’ll try again in the spring.


Today, we think of the dandelion as a weed. How did it sink into such disgrace? I think we can blame the popularity of lush, green, lawns for that! Lawns without a single weed in them. Clearly not my grassy areas, mind you…

Now it is your turn to talk about plants we think of as weeds – Have you eaten dandelion? What are the common weeds in your part of the world that could be a good source of food?

28 thoughts on “Dandelion – Common Weed with Beautiful Seeds

    • Hi Amy – I hope you survived watching the survival show! Yes, I think there are lots of foods we could eat to survive, but much of society no longer knows about food unless it is sitting in a grocery store!


    • Hi Joy – Yes, I am Antelope Street Photography 99.9% of the time. I use photos from the rest of the family on rare occasions.
      Yes, I remember thinking I would like to see anything other than prickly Bougainvillea now and then.


  1. I always wonder, who decides if a plant is a weed or not. Like you, we have lots of “weeds” around us that can be quite beautiful. Many of them live right on our property. I don’t know anything about dandelions either but I have heard all of that same stuff. I can’t imaging the leaves taste very good whenever they are picked. Making dandelion wine sounds like fun. Of course, once again, great photos!


  2. Who’d of thunk so much good of a simple dandelion. Thank-you for all of this information!! And – I love that macro image detail. Extraordinary!!!


  3. I can’t think of any wild plants other than the occasional black berry that I’ve eaten. Dandelions really are a marvel at how they’re not as appreciated for their positive qualities. I love your poem is really fun! 🙂


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