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Finding Comfort in My Rock Family

painted rocksOn a tree stump in front of the cabin there is a Rock Family. The Wild Child painted them this past summer, and they greet each and every visitor with the same exuberance as the Wild Child would if she were here. They are very comforting to look at now that the family has all gone home and there will be no more visitors at the cabin until next spring.

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    • Hi Mike – While you are welcome to browse my blog, I don’t think there is much information about the Wild Child. She is my youngest grandchild, the only girl – the rest of the grandchildren are boys. She is a handful… just like her mother was!


  1. The Wild Child has talent. Please continue to encourage painting and drawing skills. Love them!


    • Hi Joy – The Wild Child loves to draw and color. A piece of paper is often not big enough for her, so many of drawings spill onto the nearest work surface. The dining table at the cabin is often quite colorful when she has finished up a session with her crayons!


    • Hi Christie – The Rock Family is sitting on the stump, right where The Wild Child left them. We’ll see how durable the sharpie ink is after a year of weather!


    • Hi Lorna – Yes, I remember Pet Rocks, though I never owned one… though now I guess you could say we have a family of them!


    • Hi Amy – Yes, she can be very happy… and she can be a terror. I suppose those are both traits of a creative person.


  2. How very creative! You know, I’ve painted flowers on rocks before with acrylic, then spray-painted them with clear spray paint from a can…If you sprayed these with clear paint like that the family would last for years 🙂


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