Snow Covered Mountains and Furniture

Winter is that discouraging time of the year when the house uses more fuel than the car.
– Doug Larson –

The first word that pops into my mind when I think Winter? Snow! The second word? Cold! Then chocolate and nap, not because they are winter words, but because it is New Years Day and both sound like a good idea right now…

Winter Snow Photos:


We were in the Canadian Rockies in early December. This is the unretouched photo of an overcast, cold, snowy day. Talk about Shades of Grey!


This is the same photo, but it has a watercolor filter applied – still shades of grey, but sharper! When viewed in higher resolution, it really does look like a watercolor painting.


This is what the Adirondack Tête-a-Tête Chair looked like (a few winters ago) in a thick blanket of snow. It would be quite soft and comfy to sit in, I suppose, but terribly cold!


Here is the same photo, but with a spatter filter. Doesn’t it look like Jack Frost painted this scene?

Winter brings with it an array of recreational opportunities, such as cross country skiing, skating, or, my favourite, video rental.
– Mike O’Brien (Calling the Prairies Home) –

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