Snow Covered Mountains and Furniture

Winter is that discouraging time of the year when the house uses more fuel than the car.
– Doug Larson –

The first word that pops into my mind when I think Winter? Snow! The second word? Cold! Then chocolate and nap, not because they are winter words, but because it is New Years Day and both sound like a good idea right now…

Winter Snow Photos:


We were in the Canadian Rockies in early December. This is the unretouched photo of an overcast, cold, snowy day. Talk about Shades of Grey!


This is the same photo, but it has a watercolor filter applied – still shades of grey, but sharper! When viewed in higher resolution, it really does look like a watercolor painting.


This is what the Adirondack Tête-a-Tête Chair looked like (a few winters ago) in a thick blanket of snow. It would be quite soft and comfy to sit in, I suppose, but terribly cold!


Here is the same photo, but with a spatter filter. Doesn’t it look like Jack Frost painted this scene?

Winter brings with it an array of recreational opportunities, such as cross country skiing, skating, or, my favourite, video rental.
– Mike O’Brien (Calling the Prairies Home) –

52 thoughts on “Snow Covered Mountains and Furniture

  1. Hi,
    I loved the quotes especially the one by Doug Larson. 😆
    The photos are unreal, it’s amazing how everything looks grey, one day I may go somewhere that is cold and snowing, I have only seen snow on a mountain top from a long distance I’ve never felt snow. 🙂


    1. Hi Mags – If you think my photos are unreal, I think it is unreal that you have never felt snow! I just take it for granted that everyone has made a snowball at some point in their life, but of course, that just isn’t true!


  2. Margie, these are all so beautiful and I am guessing you had fun with the editing. Plus they look so good with the “falling snow” across the page. Enjoy your hot chocolate, nap and Happy New Year!


    1. Hi Ronnie – We were fortunate that the roads weren’t as icy on the way home as they were on the way out. But the trip was well worth it because the mountains were spectacular!


    1. Hi Maineiac – Many days I would be happy just to look at snow rather than experience it too. We haven’t had all that much snow so far, but the winter is still young!


    1. Hi yearstricken – a white Christmas is highly over rated out our way – it just means the roads will be wickedly bad!
      I’m glad you like the photos – I’m going to work even harder to improve my skills this year. Now, if I could just write as well as you do!


    1. Hi Jean – We’ll be back in the mountains in February, and I would like to try snowshoeing this year. I’ve given up on my goal to start downhill skiing again – I don’t think my knees would approve!


  3. Beautiful photos, Margie! I like the variation of grays. We love the Canadian Rockies. Finally made it there two years ago! It is one stunning moment after another! On our first drive from Banff to Jasper I’m sure I got whiplash from trying to see everything. 😉


    1. Hi Judy – I would have to say that the Banff to Jasper road is one of my favourite routes. A few years ago we made the trip on the motorcycle and it was a wonderful way to view the scenery. When we have visitors to our part of the world, I always suggest they drive that road in both directions!


  4. Lovey photos for the challenge. You’re a wonderful photographer. Any one of your photos would make an awesome wall picture or puzzle. The first mountain one would be interesting as a puzzle to sort through the shades of gray to put it together. 🙂


  5. Margie….can you give me the link for the weekly photo challenge….or just tell me where I can find out more about it? I think I’d like to do it. Thanks….


    1. Hi Judy – just go to
      The Weekly Photo Challenge is posted each Friday. Once you have posted your photo for the Challenge, be sure to enter a link to your post in the comments section of the post that announces that weeks Photo Challenge.
      It is fun to do, and is a great way to meet other bloggers who also do the challenge.


  6. Most days I spent in the mountains were sunny but the photos do remind me of the gray days I had forgotten. Your photos are beutiful and I think the water color effect was interesting. Happy New Year, Margie.


  7. I’ve never used the filters. I figured I was doing well just to get the red-eye out of a picture, but I think you’ve inspired me to give it a try. I’ll never capture the beauty that you seem to naturally frame, but it might help a bit. Thanks for the nudge.


    1. Thanks Barb – I enjoy the process of manipulating photos on the computer, so I find that filters are fun to experiment with. Ironically, I’m not very good at removing red-eye…


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