Canada – a Little Fish in a Great Big Blogging Sea

Sysomos, a Canadian analytics company, surveyed 100 million blog posts (the Great Big Blogging Sea) to determine, among other things, where bloggers are located. They found the following statistics about writers from predominantly English speaking countries: (see the Sysomos website for the complete stats, which includes the non-English speaking countries)

29.22% came from the United States
6.75% came from the UK
3.93%  came from Canada
2.22% came from Australia

I wondered how these statistics looked in comparison to the Blogging Sea, which has published such information on their Stats Page.  According to their figures, there are 70.5 million WordPress sites in the world, half of which WordPress hosts. 66% of the blogs hosted on WordPress are written in English. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t indicate which countries these English writers come from, so I thought I would do a quick survey of the last 50 blogs that were chosen by the editor of WordPress’s Freshly Pressed to see what countries are represented.  The results were:

38 from the United States (76%)
2 Americans currently living in Europe (4%)
6 from the UK (12%)
2 from Canada (4%)
1 from Australia (2%)
1 from Holland (2%)

Now I don’t know if these statistics reflect the actual percentages of WordPress bloggers in each country, or whether they reflect the preferences of the Freshly Pressed Editor.  I don’t know whether these stats would remain consistent over the course of a year or two.

These stats were, however, an eye opener for me. I had been under the assumption that every WordPress blogger who followed the Freshly Pressed guidelines had the same chance of being chosen as every other blogger. I hadn’t thought about the fact there might be other dynamics at work, such as a distribution based on country of origin. I also discovered that a significant percentage of Freshly Pressed blogs are written by relatively new bloggers, many having started blogging within the last few months.

This is all good information for me. According to my  research, my Canadian blog, which has been floating around for 2 years now, is statistically NOT likely to ever get Freshly Pressed – I’m getting long in the tooth, as it were! That is a much more comforting thought than the doubt that creeps in when all my blogging associates have been asked to the Pressed Prom and I haven’t.

I tell little stories, but other Canadians tell much larger ones.  The National Film Board of Canada hosts many of these on their website, and I invite you to listen to one of them from the actor Paul Gross: Remembrance.

Alberta Canada
A January Sunrise in the True North Strong and Free

We are Canadians and we live in the land of  “The True North Strong and Free.” We may only be 4% of the blogging world, but our stories are as big as the land we live in!

32 thoughts on “Canada – a Little Fish in a Great Big Blogging Sea

  1. As someone who grew up in the land of the true north (Canada)…and who now lives on the south side of that border – I so agree. Canada is an almost-forgotten country…as strange as that sounds. I’ll be forever a proud Canadian-at-heart!!!


    1. Hi Marcie – Yes, we are often overlooked. It isn’t always easy to live in the shadow of a big, powerful neighbour.
      If you have some time, be sure to visit the link to the National Film Board of Canada. There are many wonderful stories there!


  2. Hi,
    Very interesting stats, no surprise about Australia, we are a country of only 23 million people, and we certainly are a long way from most other country’s, if going on a holiday by plane it takes us anywhere from between 18 to 24 hrs to get to our destination, with the exception of Asia 7 to 9 hrs. 😀
    Of course “The Land Downunder” is a name that says it all. 🙂


    1. Hi Mags – We have about 34 million people, but like you we are still a very big country with very few people! I can certainly appreciate how isolated you are, but I don’t think there is that much of an upside for us to be able to fly to Las Vegas in 2 and a half hours….


  3. Impressive research. I’m baffled by who/what gets freshly pressed. How can they (whoever “they” are) pick 10 among over half a million posts to highlight five days a week?

    I live very close to the Canadian border and have seriously considered moving. Your country is more in line with my way of living and thinking than my own.


    1. Hi Lorna – I don’t envy the job of the Freshly Pressed Editor. It is a thankless job, except to the 50 bloggers a week she chooses. For the most part, I think she does a good job, but some times…
      It is unfortunate that the US-Canada border is growing into such a rigid fixture. I have relatives in Seattle who, at one time, would have flitted back and forth between there and Vancouver without a thought about which country they were in. They were simply going from their house to grandmas house and then home again a few days, weeks or months later. Now there are border patrols and passports and waiting times. All very messy. I expect many Mexicans feel the same way when they wave at relatives on the other side of the Rio Grande.


    1. Hi BRC – Freshly Pressed – I use an iron – do you not have one at your house? Most of the new fabrics don’t even need pressing, but now and then I wear linen and it gets awfully wrinkly…


  4. Okay…I’m one of those 29.22% from the States. Way out west – well as far west as Colorado. And I don’t ever really forget about our neighbors to the north. Two of my dearest friends are from Canada. We just got a 5th Wheel and can’t wait to do some exploring up there. And I’m no math major (English teacher here) but why do those percentages only add up to 46% and change??? I’m easily confused I guess.


    1. The first percentages I cited (from Sysomos) includes just those from predominantly English speaking countries. The remaining statistics on their website include the other countries. That is where your missing percentages are!
      I’m sure you are going to enjoy your travels in Canada, especially if you come in the summer!


  5. If I was a betting person, I would’ve lost the bet about Canada Blogs, I would’ve guessed much higher. Thanks for sharing these stats, they’re most interesting.


  6. I don’t look at Freshly Pressed so carefully anymore. I think it’s sad they rarely choose blogs from non – US Americans. Even the non – US American blogs they do choose are similar in content to American blogs. A Canadian nature photographer has been Freshly Pressed twice, I think.

    I have never seen a Freshly Pressed blog from an Asian or African, very few from non-English Europeans, no bi- or multilingual blogs (there is an Asian photoblog with comments in 4 languages).

    I scan blogrolls and comments to find new, interesting blogs.


    1. Hi Sanetes – WordPress is an American Company, and I think Freshly Pressed represents the fact that the vast majority of English speaking writers blog in the United States. While I think it would be nice to see a bit more diversity, and I don’t understand why some blogs are Freshly Pressed numerous times, WordPress is representing what it thinks appeals to the majority that it serves.
      I agree that a great way to find new blogs is to scan the blogrolls of bloggers that you enjoy!


  7. I checked with the Head Presser at WP, and she said your blog is so consistently outstanding that, based strictly on points, they’d have to FP you every time you did a post.

    “We had to disqualify her– she’s too good.”

    As I suspected… : )


  8. I’m getting long in the tooth too. By end a May, one year of blogging and well, I think I’m past my prime. I shall hold out for an Emmy when they make the movie for the book I’m yet to publish.


  9. Thanks for the stats. You statement about new bloggers coming on all the time is correct. Bloggers are from every walk of life and are from novice to expert. Some bloggers (I know many who do this) get together to blog, talk about how to do it better and learn what the rules of the game of are. Here is how it is done in Austin TX, USA : My daughter is a major blogger and media expert. She keeps me honest and on the right track. Lets me know how I can enjoy sharing my “stuff and what would be interesting IF others want to read my stuff. I blog primarily because I enjoy it, secondly it is nice if someone else enjoys it. It is a whole knew world our here. Enjoyed this article.


    1. Hi Amanda – The Austin Bloggers concept is a great one – a bit like reblogging, but much better!
      I agree – blogging is something you have to really enjoy – fans, fame and fortune aren’t really why most of us do this!


  10. Because there are so many bloggers, the WP editors can’t possible read them all and make choices for FP based on that. Otherwise, you definitely would be FP’d over and over again. If you have the following you want, then you’re good as gold. Frankly, I can hardly keep up with reading the blogs I enjoy and making comments, so being FP’d would only complicate things. I tell myself this constantly.


    1. Hi CE – Thanks for the words of wisdom! I think I found your blog when you were Freshly Pressed, so it is a good thing one of us got the award. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have found you!


  11. I am an American and I love Canada! I hate the irrational prejudices and stereotypes and the irrational hateful attitudes that many Canadians have about Americans, and vice versa. I have nothing against Canadians, and I respect them and their country very much, and I would expect them to do the same. Why stick to irrational stereotypes that I see so often when Canadians are commenting about Americans and vice versa? I admire Canada and Canadians; why can’t we all just get along in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance, instead of the American-bashing or the Canadian-bashing that I see on so many other blogs and websites here? It boggles my mind how we can think so badly of each other when we are really all the same. Having a healthy pride and a healthy sense of nationalism in one’s country is one thing, but have an irrational hatred of others and other countries based simply on nothing more than nonsensical stereotypes is the height of irrationality and absurdity. Thank you very much for this post, and I think that you will enjoy this song very much here: “Oh, Canada”

    Enjoy, and Go Canada!!! 😀


    1. Thanks for you input and Youtube link, Sriptor. I agree that no one gains much by bashing their neighbours! I’ve lived most of my life in Canada, but I’ve also lived in the United States, England, and the Middle East. We are all much more alike than we are different!


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