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A 3 Dressed Up As a 9

I don’t think people should be judged by their looks, do you? There is a catchy song by Trooper that confirms the stereotype that men are only interested in women’s looks, and that women will do what it takes to meet a man’s expectations:

You looked a whole lot better to me
From twenty feet away
You’re just a 3 dressed up as a 9 ….
– Trooper –

The Fashion and Beauty Industry have certainly capitalized on the desire of women to be younger, thinner, firmer, smoother…. and if the product can’t actually do what it claims, then the Advertising Industry will find a graphic artist who will make sure that expectations and reality appear to be one and the same. (If you Google ‘Airbrushing Celebrity Before and After’ you’ll see  some excellent examples.)

red and whiteLet me demonstrate how simple it is to alter a photo to make a model ‘more beautiful’. In the photo above, Sondra the Snow Goddess is modelling the latest in scarf wear.

Here is Sondra after a session in Photoshop. Her eyes are more symmetrical, her lips have been plumped up, and her whole body has been elongated. Do you think she looks more ‘beautiful’? The right answer is “No, of course not!” Any other answer is dead wrong.

Perhaps the simplest way to make Sondra’s photo more dramatic, without altering her body, is to add a frame to her photo. If your Blog theme doesn’t add a frame, you can do it yourself before you upload. I use a program called FastStone Image Viewer to add my copyright and a simple frame.

Would you like to make your own Sondra the Snow Goddess? The directions for these Mini Crochet Snowmen are at Cut Out and Keep. I used Crochet Cotton, and though this made a very cute snowman that was only 1.75 inches tall, next time I would use a heavier wool and bigger crochet hook.

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  1. Love name of your snow-goddess. It’s so fun and an enchanting. I bookmarked the link for future reference. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Photoshopped models and products are becoming less and less acceptable. Hopefully it’ll become less frequent as time goes on. I agree with your thoughts. 🙂


    • Hi E.C. – Truth in advertising doesn’t seem to apply to products aimed at women! I’m going to suppress a rant here – it is too early in the morning to ramp up my blood pressure….


  2. Isn’t it amazing, what we women will put up with? I have been startled to have people I barely know tell me I need to dye my hair…after my (un-dyed) hackles smoothed back down, I put it down to their own fears over- riding their common sense. I don’t wear make-up, either, or visit tanning beds….
    But on the other hand, I adore heels and pretty dresses. I guess we can choose what we like and dismiss the rest for the nonsense it is. Easier said than done, given how hard we get hit on all sides with the message to worry about our appearance.
    Your wee snow goddess is adorable, just as she is!


    • Hi Melissa – I’m not against hair dye or make-up or any of those things. What bothers me is the women who buy into the message that they aren’t good enough looking if they don’t use the products. What bothers me is men who believe that women should use these products in order to look younger/better.
      Real equality would be if every ‘trophy’ wife was on the arm of a ‘trophy’ man.


  3. I’m going to send all photos of me to you to be lip-plumped and elongated. Yes, I’m just that shallow.


    • Hi Peg – Photoshopping is certainly cheaper, easier and less painful than actually getting the procedures done! I could take out the red eye (in case you’ve been up late the night before), whiten your teeth (you know what drinking that grape stuff does) and highlight your hair too.
      I can’t fix shallow – you’ll just have to drink more water and see if that fills you out a bit.


  4. See, as a guy I feel compelled to let you know that enhancing the eyes of your model are much less effective than enhancing the er… um… well… other features. 😉

    Yeah, well, I’d hang around and chat some, but I get the sense if I don’t bolt outta here real quick, I might get bashed up by the women around here and wind up with my eyes looking a lot like the first picture above. 😀


    • You mean it wasn’t enough that I enhanced her lips too?! Very wise of you to depart before you get yourself into trouble, Phil.


  5. Most thought-provoking woolen snow-woman/model post I have read all week. Seriously, as the father of two daughters, we need to just stop letting the fashion industry tell us all how to look.


  6. Hi,
    I would love to have photoshop to play around with, I have seen some amazing things done with it, maybe one day I will bite the bullet and just get it. 🙂
    I have seen a lot of before and after photos of some of the models that they put into magazines and you just hope that a lot of the young girls realize that these model are not what they seem.

    I totally agree with you, hopefully in the not too distant future things will change.
    You did a lovely job making the snowman, he is very cute. 🙂


    • Hi Mags – I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. Here in Canada it costs about $130 unless you are upgrading from a previous version. Adobe Photoshop CS5 is $700. I am a long way from using all the features of elements so I don’t think I’ll venture into using Photoshop!

      I don’t know whether women realize how much the media distorts reality. Google ‘Beauty and Body Image in the Media’ to see a less than positive picture for where we are going in the fight for a women’s right to be free from prejudice based on how we ‘look’.


  7. Love your take on this issue . You always have something fresh to offer (I was going to say “cool” but I thought that was stretching the pun too far)! 😉


    • Hi Lorna – is ‘cool’ still a cool thing to say? I picked it up in the ’60’s and it still lingers in my vocabulary.


  8. Love this blog entry. I am a fan of watching how movies are made. I love seeing how they turn what we see into fantasy. And photoshopping does just that. I agree with you. (Suppressing huge rant here, whew I am okay I can continue) It isn’t about women feeling good in makeup or clothing. It is about setting a standard that makes women and more importantly girls feel like losers for not measuring up. Do the girls in clothing catalogs really have 6 ft long legs? Yikes! Love your snow goddess btw.


    • Thanks for your input Amanda – You are always welcome to rant here, if you like.

      So many of us were observers or participants in the Women’s Liberation Movement. Sometimes it seems like women today are losing ground by becoming the puppets of an industry that does nothing to boost self worth. How can women feel confident if they are being told they aren’t skinny enough, pretty enough, young enough, sexy enough?


  9. I think she’s still a 3 dressed up as a 9 . I mean, no matter how hard you try to dress, or please snow women, underneath it all they are still cold as ice. Not my “Wife” though. Well, actually, I try finding something else to do when her “Project Runway” is on the tube. Anyway, yeah the trouble with my Theme Template is it automatically frames the images, and I have to go into the Advanced settings once the image is loaded to turn it off. That’s not a big issue, though, after WordPress made change with the NAV bar at the top a while back, for some reason every image, on every past post reverted back to the original…I think I was framed.,.


    • Hi sons – Sondra is not impressed…

      You make a good point about frames. The feature can be manipulated once the photo has been uploaded and inserted into the post. Unless, of course, gremlins have moved into your blog.


      • Yes, that was my point…ALL of the ones I previously manually manipulated, which I have to do with (Bueno Theme) upon posting, reverted back to being framed…it’s a Bueno thing, and I just haven’t taken a day to sit and re-do them all.
        I love the bueno template other than that…and folks rarely go back and read my previous posts that much anyway. Incidentally, that was a great idea you had where you posted:

        “Back before I had any followers, I wrote a post about a way to stop snoring. Click on the image above to read this valuable insight”.


  10. I’d never heard that song title before. I think I got up to a 4 once, wearing a cardigan sweater and argyle socks. I fantasize about a 9, tho… : )


    • Hi Mark – yes, the argyle socks would certainly be a 4. Now, a bowtie and an umbrella would surely push you up to a 7 or 8, don’t you think – in some counties….


  11. Marcie says

    I just love Sondra!! I’d take her as she is with all of her imperfections and pre-photoshopped…anyday!!


  12. I just know that when I read your posts I will snort with laughter (can’t be sipping wine when I visit) and think deeply about something at the same time – highly unlikely simultaneous actions, I suppose. But it happens over and over again. So I keep visiting 🙂


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