Slow But Steady Blogging Progress

Direction is more important than speed. We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we forget the milestone.
– Author Unknown –

The Quippery

My presence in the blogging world has gone from complete obscurity to relative anonymity – in 29 months! But, I have finally reached the Milestone of  325 Posts, and for that I think I’ll award myself the Slow but Steady Award. You see, I may blog at Turtle speed, but at least I’m still in the race.  Apparently a significant number of blogs are abandoned within a month or two of being started, which gives them the lifespan of a fruit fly.

I didn’t reach this milestone alone. Many of you have been with me for all or part of the way. I’d like to express my gratitude to you for hanging in there! Amazingly, you come from all over the world. installed a nice World Map on our Stats page, and now I can see where you all live. (Not that I can see your house or anything, but I can see what country you come from.) Many of you are from the United States (red on the map), but Canadian visitors are right up there in numbers. Go Canada! Third spot goes to the United Kingdom, then Australia, Germany, India and the Philippines. After that, there are 48 other countries listed!  I know people in  Qatar, Egypt and Luxembourg, so I expect they are the readers who stop by to visit. But Israel, Nepal, Turkey and Slovenia – I had no idea I had readers from there.

Map of the World – My readers come from the Countries that are coloured in.

Next I’d like to thank all of you WordPress blog owners who take time to click the ‘Like’ button. I appreciate your vote of confidence. I am a big fan of the Like button, and I wish WordPress listed your visits on the Stats Page. I use the Like button often – it tells you that I read your post, and I really can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said by you and the 25 to 100 others who commented already! (I think the ‘Like’ button is a Word Conservation Tool.)

I’d also like to thank all the people who leave Comments. Mags, Lorna, Mark, Amanda, Composer, Steve, Susan, Sylvia, Peg, E.C., WSB, Barb  and so many others stop by regularly to brighten my day. I’ve listed you all on my Links Page!

I’d also like to thank all of you who nominated me for Awards. I’ve rounded you all up and put you on my Awards Page, along with brief bios that I borrowed from you. If I have made any mistakes, let me know!

Last,  but certainly not least, I’d like to thank The Car Guy. After 42 years of being married (to me), he says he is always surprised by what shows up on my blog.  And that makes two of us.

Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives are measured by these.
– Susan B. Anthony –

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  1. Congratulations on your 300th post! Yours is one of the few blogs that I subscribe to where I always come and read what you wrote, rather than thinking, “Oh, yeah, I should probably go check that out at some point.” I enjoy your writing so very much.

    Since mine is (unfortunately) one of the many blogs that has fallen victim to busy-ness and writer’s block, it is currently on ice. I hope to revive it at some point, maybe this summer – your writing frequently inspires me, and I need to put that inspiration to some good use!


    • Thanks Bee – I think it is a good thing when some one is too busy to feed a blog. Blogging should never take the place of living! (Unless blogging is your living…)


  2. Hi,
    Congrats on your 300th post, good on you, I also read those stats about some new bloggers, I was amazed.
    I love your upside down turtle he really is cute. Thank You for the mention, I have really enjoyed reading your posts, I don’t think it really matters how often we post, everyone is different, that is what makes reading blogs so great.

    It is amazing all the different countries people come from, it was a great idea to put these in our stats. 😀


    • Hi Mags – It is amazing, isn’t it, how different and wonderful each blog is. I think there is a niche for everyone, and I’m glad I found all of you in mine!


  3. congrats on your 300th blog post … that’s a lot of perseverance and consistency.

    I haven’t looked at the WordPress version of the World Map thingie, so thanks for showing me what that looks like … kinda cool. Covering the world.

    Another blogger (Kana at kanatyler dot com) pointed me to a cool thing that tracks visitors at flagcounter dot com (see her March 10th post that gives step-by-step instructions on how to load it to your WordPress page). It is super easy to embed the code into a text box on your sidebar in WordPress, and then you can have a box there that shows the flags of every country for the people who have visited your blog. I’m always amazed when I find out that someone I always thought lived in Kentucky or Virginia actually lives in the Netherlands or Taiwan. It’s been a real eye-opener as to just how vast the blog world has become, and also, how connected we can be to one another in this new world. If you think you might like an alternate version of seeing where your visitors come from, give flag counter a try. Like I said, check out Kana’s March 10th post for a “how to” to install it. It’s quick, free, and fun. Congrats again on the 300th.


      • How about that? I see you installed it … good for you. Give it about a week, and all of the sudden you’re gonna see countries and flags that make you wonder who you know through the blogging world from lands unknown. Glad you’re having some fun with it … wasn’t it nice of Kana to take the time to give the step-by-step instructions? I probably would never have tried it if I hadn’t seen her very generous instructions. Have fun with it!


        • Hi Texas – yes, Kana does a good job of explaining all sorts of blogging things. I’ve put her blog into my RSS feed reader. I’m sure I can learn lots from her.


    • Thanks Cobbies – I’m looking forward to blog labour for another 29 months, which is just seven months longer than the gestation period of the elephant (just to put time into perspective.)


  4. I like your blog very much and wish I had the time to comment more frequently. 300 posts is indeed a milestone so please accept my congratulations and my encouragement too.


    • Thank you timethief. I’m pleased that you can stop by now and then. I know how busy you are with your blogs, and with the advice you pass along to fellow bloggers.


  5. Congratulations on your 300th post. Thank you for blogging and sharing your enjoyable and thought provoking posts along with your awesome photography. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  6. 300 posts – WOW! I’m gradually working my way up to 100 – I can only imagine how it must feel to have written triple that. You’ve given me something (else) to aim for in my blogging endeavours. Well done!


    • Hi Margo – 2 to 3 posts a week is all it takes if you spend 29 months to get to #300! If I had tried to post every day, I would have burned out in the first month! We each have to find our own blogging pace, don’t we?!


  7. Holy Moly!!!! 300 posts, that’s awesome. I’m only about 1/2 way there. I don’t think I’ve been with you the whole time, but its been quite awhile… I’ve enjoyed following along and especially seeing your photos which have become nothing short of amazing.


    • Hi Steve – I checked and your first comment on my blog was Feb 2011. I didn’t really actively promote my blog until December 2010, so you really were one of my earliest regular readers. I think the first comment I left on your blog was about your story called ‘Lost…Goat Style!’


  8. Congratulation on reaching this milestone. I enjoy following your blog and today’s post was a good read. Sorry I wasn’t there at the beginning but am happy to join in now.
    It does take time and thought and effort to maintain a blog. I guess that is why so many people try it and abandon their blogs.


    • Hi Ruth – I’m glad I found your blog too. Yes, it does take time and effort to maintain a blog, and some people just can’t make that commitment. I can sure understand why.


  9. Heavens!! I think I’ve been blogging for 3 years and have finally made 100 posts, so I think you’re on fire (said the snail.)

    You keep it fun, and I wanted to publicly thank you because I (and I’m sure many others) have learned a lot from you about the etiquette of blogging, thoughtful content, and learning to be brave enough to walk in new blog paths rather than follow the crowd.

    Congratulations. Long may you blog.
    Now excuse me while I go do a little kick dance and shout: “Hey!!! I’m on someone’s blogroll.” Hoooray. (and thanks)


    • Hi Barb – Of course you are on my blogroll! You are the source for all the news and gossip from the Oregon Trail. I hope you keep blogging for a long time too.


  10. Congratulations,Margie! And thanks for the link and follow; you are on my blog roll as well. I just posted my 32nd post, a relative newby compared to you and I only post once a week, so it will be a while for me 🙂 But once a week works and I enjoy it more every week – turtles are fine by me!


  11. Congratulations, Margie! Almost a whole year’s worth of wonderful posts. A turtle’s pace is one of the best ways not to miss anything. I should know. That’s my hiking speed. lol!

    I like the Like button too, and use it in the same way. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to add to the conversation.


  12. Congratulations on reaching #325! You are a truly gifted writer and photographer! I love reading your blog. Keep them coming!


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