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The Journey Starts and Ends at Kingswood Station, England

Surrey EnglandWe lived in Kingswood, Surrey, England for two years. Many of our journeys began with the walk down to this building, the Kingswood Train Station. When I say down, I mean it was a 10 minute downhill walk that felt like a 15 minute uphill battle on the trip home at the end of the day.  When it was raining, it became a 20 minute skin drenching, umbrella breaking endurance run.

The Kingswood Station was the third last stop on the line, so the only direction we ever went was into London. What a wonderful city it is! And how could it not be so when we started our journey from such a beautiful looking little train station!

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    • Your comment makes me think of a trip we made to San Francisco where it seemed like every direction we walked was uphill. There didn’t seem to be any downhills ever!


  1. Hi,
    What a beautiful building for a train station, and the hill sounds like it was a journey all by itself. 😀


  2. I love the train of my youth and all the trains of my imagination. Thanks for showing me a great place to start todays travels. All joy in “All Aboard!” HF


  3. I couldn’t tell it was a train building, how beautiful. 15 minutes uphill is a long walking journey.


  4. After I saw the feather photo I wanted to hold the picture and think it about it before I read your comments. Happy to know I was right that it was a UK style building. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a handsome old Train stop. Your walks sound heart pounding. 😉 But they also sound like a great way to get excericise and see beautiful scenery. Great photo for the challenge. 🙂


  6. I’m wearing a bowler hat and clutching an umbrella here– I really got into this post!!

    Beautiful building and cool reminiscence… thanks for sharing, Margie!


    • It was nice to have a train station so close. England is a country that depends on trains for transportation, and has for a long time.


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