The 1 Weird Old Tip Scam

Nothing irritates me more than a certain ad on webpages. You know the one – a belly that inflates and deflates. “Cut down a bit of your belly everyday by following this 1 weird old tip.”

I have ignored the ad until today. Today I wanted to find out just how weird this tip could be. Would it be as simple as My Strawberry Diet (which was not really so much a diet as a matter of eating a bunch of strawberries and working hard all week.)

So I clicked the picture. This led me into the world of those who would like me to believe that the answer to the obesity epidemic is the African Mango Diet. If you had clicked the ad, you would likely have been led to a different weird old tip because the same ad is linked to any number of other small diet-product sellers. (If you are interested in how these diet scams work and what the Federal Trade Commission is doing about it, there are a few stories on the internet.)

But let’s get back to the African Mango Diet. It is a pill made from the African Mango seed. It is sold by any number of online companies who want you to believe there is a miracle pill that will make you skinny. Call me a skeptic, but I don’t believe there is a diet pill out there that has no serious side effects, and causes people to safely lose 22 pounds in a month.

There might be, however, online companies who want your credit card number so they can keep charging you month after month for products that don’t help your battle with the bulge, but do a good job of making your bank balance smaller.

There is no such thing as a weird human being, It’s just that some people require more understanding than others.
– Tom Robbins –

24 thoughts on “The 1 Weird Old Tip Scam

  1. I am skeptical of any advertiser that doesn’t know when to use “one” instead of “1”, and doesn’t know that “everyday” is an adjective.


    • My friend, Norton Safe Web, warns me if a site is dangerous and stops the site from loading. If I didn’t have this layer of protection, I would not click the link, even though it seems to have been approved by Facebook… or does Facebook approve every advertiser!?


  2. Hi,
    I have never been game enough to click onto the ad, I was always curious on what sort of scam they were running now I know, good on you for finding out. No wonder this ad is everywhere obviously not enough people have fallen for the scam, that does bring a smile to my face. 😀


  3. I like you so much! You’re my hero for clicking. That advertising is soooooo intriguing and kind of gross, but it’s so tempting that my brain has a little argument each time I see it. Don’t click that. You know it’s a bunch of horse nonsense. Yes, but what stooooopid thing are they going to tell me? I enjoy making fun of stooooopid things.

    So….Margie, my hero, clicked and entered the world of Mango-Spango-Fat-Gone-O. Now watch, because you’ve talked about it…it will begin to appear on your site. SNORT. When are they going to have a chocolate and champagne diet?

    By the way…your site is gorgeous.


    • I would be absolutely horrified if that ad appeared on my blog. I wonder how WordPress monitors the ads that appear on WordPress sites?!
      A chocolate and champagne diet – I’ll have to Google that idea and see if anyone else has thought of it. It’s a corker!
      Glad you like my site remodel. It is a work in progress.


  4. Thank you for taking the risks and clicking the links! I have looked at a few of those kinds of advertisements before too, just to see what they really were. What’s “weird” are the sites you typically end up on.


    • The testimonials on these sites are really something. One lady claimed she lost 22 pounds in a month by taking one pill a day and not changing her diet or exercise. A realistic loss would be 8 pounds if she ate less and exercised more. You know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is a lie, but someone will fall for it anyhow.”


  5. Whaaa??? Are you saying this pill doesn’t work? That I would actually have to EAT LESS to lose weight? Damn! I wonder if I can get my money back.

    At least I KNOW I didn’t waste my money with the online courses. Those flashing ads all tell me that President Obama wants me to go back to school.


  6. As long as people believe in magic pills, those ads will keep popping up. I think our pharmaceutical companies help promote the idea, and we buy into it. My daughter is a nurse, and sees patients all the time who have diseases like diabetes. Instead of changing how they eat and exercise, they take medicine and figure that is enough.
    If they only understood there is no magic pill (other than, chocolate, of course).


    • We have a nurse in the family too, and her biggest frustration is dealing with patients who are looking for the quick fix after a lifetime of abusing their health.


  7. Excellent, excellent, and more excellent! Just reading that someone else hates that ad and is sick of seeing it, did me a world of good. I also appreciate hearing the back story on that particular scam. Know thy enemy, etc.

    Well, I feel so good, I think I’ll go eat a plate of cookies, and have a big tall glass of Mango Juice on the side to, you know, neutralize the calories… : P


  8. i need to lose weight and I am so desperate i am prepared to do anything except diet and exercise, do you have other idea’s? I like the idea of neutralizing cookie calories, if you said you had a pill that did that I would believe you and send $20 a month for years.


  9. Thank you for clicking – this ad drives me crazy. I’m so tempted but have never clicked on it and I’m so glad I found this morning that you followed me. You’re now my hero 😀


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