Fleeting Moment – Hutterites at the Playground

The playground in our Cabin Community. Children playing. Mothers nearby – watching, talking. Can you spot what makes this Fleeting Moment so unique?

Alberta Hutterite

The women are all wearing long dresses and head scarves. The women belong to one of the many Hutterite Colonies found in our province.

We are extremely fortunate to have several Colonies near our Cabin. Once a week in the summer they bring vegetables and baking to sell to the cabin owners. Our family is particularly happy when the peas arrive – we buy several bags each time, then spend the rest of the afternoon shelling and eating the little green morsels inside the pods.

Once a year, on  Canada Day, the Hutterite families take part in our little Canada Day Parade. They ride on the fire trucks, and throw candy to the crowds. For just a few hours our very different lives intertwine.

23 thoughts on “Fleeting Moment – Hutterites at the Playground

    1. Well said, Lorna. It has been very interesting to watch which technology the Hutterites have chosen to embrace, and which ones they have ignored. (The men sure do like their pick-up trucks! I wonder if the women get fancy new sewing machines.)


  1. I have been enjoying popping in to look at your photos very much. I knew a tiny bit about the Hutterites because one of their communities was portrayed in a film I helped restore called 49th Parallel (1941). In the film they are shown in a favorable light. (They help expose Nazis on the run across Canada.)


    1. It would be interesting to watch that film to see how Canadians and Germans were portrayed – many stereotypes, I would expect, considering what the world was like in 1941 and what the purpose of the movie was.


  2. That is so neat! I was going to say it looked like one of the women wasn’t in a head scarf and the others were. Making them mingle for a moment. Growing up, we had Amish that came near the town my grandparents lived in. It was always a joy to see them and be part of their interesting world for a bit.


    1. I’ve never seen the Amish except in photographs, but from what I understand they are much more conservative than the Hutterites. I can certainly understand how wonderful it was for you to observe them.


    1. I’ve never been so fortunate to know any of them, though I’ve had lots of opportunities over the years to buy their produce, or watch their buying habits when they are in town. We used to have a fabric shop nearby, and quite often I would be the only non-Hutterite in the store checking out the yard goods!


  3. Children playing happily is a treasured moment to capture for sure. 🙂
    Thanks for telling about the Hutterites. I’ve seen quite a few folks in the city next to ours that I couldn’t figure out what group they were from, I knew it wasn’t Amish or Mennonite because of the colors & patterns of the clothing, but I couldn’t figure it out. I’ll bet they’re Hutterites. I’m going to read up on them. Thanks for the link.


    1. I used to see the Hutterites in the Fabric Store – mostly in the cotton section. Their colour and pattern choices were modest, but certainly not as rigid as I might have expected.


  4. It is great and fleeting when 2 cultures engage….I wonder what it is about your “modern” culture that they enjoy and perhaps even savor.


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