Remembering the Harley Motorcycle

Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.
– Unknown-

It is with great sadness that we announce the demise of an inhabitant of The Car Guys garage, Harley Davidson.

2011 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVOOctober 21, 2010  to October 19, 2012

Harley went for a short ride on the morning of Friday, July 13, 2012. Apparently neither the rider nor bike thought about the consequences of venturing out on such an unlucky day. A Perfect Storm of events resulted in both of them being in the ditch.

Harley had many broken and bent bits and it was eventually decided by the Insurance Doctor that Harley was not a candidate for restorative surgery. This was because the cost to repair Harley was likely going to be more than it was worth on the resale market.  Harley will, however, probably become an ‘organ’ donor, and it is our hope that many of Harley’s parts will breath new life into bikes that are in need of a transplant.

The Car Guy was more fortunate. He had many broken and bent bits too, but the People Doctors don’t consult a resale blue book before they decide if a patient is worth saving. The Car Guy has passed his 3 month post accident check-ups with flying colours, and he is well on the way to being just like before. Well, not exactly like before because the brain injury has altered his personality a bit, but in a good way.

28 thoughts on “Remembering the Harley Motorcycle

  1. Harley was one fine piece of eye candy. It’s a nice tribute that other bikes will live on because of Harley. I have an ABI courtesy of a drunk driver. Thankfully, I’m still very high functioning. ‘Nuff said. You go Car Guy! Glad you’re on the mend!


  2. It’s a lucky few who survive a bike accident at all. Glad your hubby was one. Having said that, it was one beautiful bike and I can see how it was love at first sight.


  3. I’m so glad The Car Guy is recovered and passing inspection. I hope he doesn’t miss Harley too much, but he can imagine that a piece of Harley is in every bike he sees from now on. Lovely post Margie.


  4. Ooow – ahhh. beautiful bike…but we can’t have one – kid’s a surgeon and has patched together too many – and had to talk with families…but we drool, still.
    The “vintage” mustang will have to do for now…convertible would be nice….( the corvette’s a beauty, too)


    • I can only imagine what a surgeon thinks about bikers! It really makes me wonder why anyone would willingly go under the knife to get plastic surgery.
      The Car Guy replaced the Corvette with an older Mercedes SL500 convertible. We call her Sadie, and she is almost as much fun as the bike.


  5. Sad to hear Harley has to go, but at least parts of him will live on in other bikes (are you keeping a small piece of him as a memento?) So glad to hear that Car Guy is doing well and recovering nicely; would have been a scary time for both of you. As a long time rider’s wife (my husband got his first bike the week he turned 16 and he’s had one ever since. He wrecked a few in his more exuberant younger days but he still has an ’81 Suzuki that he used to race; since marrying me, he’s ‘calmed things down’ and we’ve had two tourers – a 76 Yamaha Venture Royale and our 2010 Kawasaki Voyager). I know your Car Guy will feel the loss; hopefully you’ll get another bike some day and get back on the open road. In the meantime, enjoy the Merc (sounds nice!)


    • Yes, The Car Guy kept the gold coloured key/key chain and commemorative plaque that came with the bike. He still has his Honda Magna, but he won’t venture out on it until next spring. Then he can decide what to do next.
      Yes, Sadie is a lot of fun, which is good because she is a costly old gal to repair!


  6. I hope the CG got to keep the saddlebags and the rifle. John Wayne always did after he had to shoot his horse… : P

    If only one was destined to pull thru, I think the right one made it. Great news about CG’s continuing recovery– onward! : )


    • John Wayne was one tough dude, wasn’t he! I expect he would have just walked away from the accident instead of having to be transported to a hospital in a helicopter.


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