Why I’m Tired Of so Many Things

I recently discovered a blog called A Bear’s Rant. Written by a Canadian, the site is “committed to being an island of common sense in a world with too little of it.”

I stumbled onto this blog when I was looking for information that substantiated and refuted the claims being made by the ‘Idle No More’ Protest. (I like to look at both sides of things before I jump off the fence. Who knows what kind of crap you might land in…) I was particularly curious as to why this grassroots movement did not support eight Canadian Federal Bills that provide a practical approach to making it easier for First Nations to develop an economy.

At ‘A Bear’s Rant’ I found a post called The Misconceptions In Bill C45 That Sparked ‘Idle No More’ – Part One: Reserve Lands. Part Two discusses Bill C45 further, and Part Three concerns Attawapiskat Band Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike.

The QuipperyI’ll leave my conclusions about ‘Idle No More’ to another day. I would, however like to join ‘A Bear’s Rant’ in the call for a new Protest Movement called I’m Tired Of It. I’d be hard pressed to add anything to this rant, it is that complete. But – from all the research I’ve been doing lately, I would add – I’m tired of the exact same unresearched news story being repeated over and over again. Really, does it get any truer with each telling?

You may not agree with everything The Bear is tired of, but if you agree that there is a lot of stuff you are fed up with, then join this protest. You can write a blog post and Link to Bear’s I’m Tired Of It post, or go to the post and add a comment. If you have a Twitter account –  tweet about what you are tired of and use the hashtag #Iamtiredof

Man was made at the end of the week’s work when God was tired.
– Mark Twain –

21 thoughts on “Why I’m Tired Of so Many Things

  1. I also discovered that down to earth blog by the bear when I was searching for info on the Idle protests and Chief Spences´southern sojourn by the river. The three parter you mentioned was so amazingly……..available for anyone to read! So we did. It´s like some poor fiction what with the boyfriend at $825 day income, the Chief´s daycare income, the number of people on the Executive, and then the terrible quiet desperation of her citizens who are doing without under her entitled supposedly watchful eye.

    The list of stocks of pipeline and oilsands companies in their $9 Million stockportfolio. The $90 Million accumulating surplus in their current account………..

    Let´s be brave and fair, open the books, open the Indian Act and make the changes all of us need and want. Not First this, Second that….all of us equally. Here in Canada.


    • I agree Sue. What we want for all Canadians is equality and I don’t think that is achieved when people base their livelihood on hand outs from government. I don’t see how the Aboriginal community will be able to take their rightful place in society until they are able to earn a living based on their own efforts.


  2. I also like to look at both sides before I jump of the fence, but sometimes I wait too long and lose my balance and end up straddling the fence and falling straight down and hurting my… uh… nether regions… sigh…


  3. Thanks for the comments about the 3 part series regarding Idlenomore. I wrote parts 1 and 2 and the Bear and I collaborated on the third. I am really tired of seeing propaganda and spin repeated over and over again by the main stream media. If I am capable of reading and understanding legislation then the supposedly professional journalists should be able to read legislation. Instead they repeat the mistruths. You know what they say, if you say something often enough, people will believe you. It is truly unfortunate that so many people in Canada have been mislead.


    • I agree Peggy. What is unfortunate about Idle No More is rhetoric such as this: “Idle No More calls on all people to continue to oppose and reject all imposed legislation originating from the federal government… We must continue to assert acts of nationhood premised on ancient ways and teachings that were given to us in our original instructions by Creator when we were placed here on Turtle Island.”

      I’ve read the background on some of the legislation they are opposed to, and for the most part it seems like it was initiated by First Nations people themselves. If Idle No More is advocating that each and every piece of legislation is reviewed and approved by each and every First Nations member, nothing will ever get done – which leaves them with the oft amended Indian Act of 1876.

      I don’t disagree that the relationship between the Aboriginals and the Federal Government needs to be improved. I am of the opinion that the current federal administration is trying to remove some of the red tape that makes it difficult for First Nations to attract investment opportunities – opportunities that would move them down the road to self sufficiency, which is where they were at when the White Man first arrived.


  4. The issues are complex but I’m not on the fence and I’m not going to pretend I am. It’s long past time for us to honor the treaties and do what’s necessary so aboriginal self governance happens – period!


    • The Idle No More sentiment exactly – I hope they can come up with some reality based solutions that move the process along faster than all the efforts that the First Nations leaderships, the Federal and Provincial Governments, the Courts and all the other stakeholders have been working on.


      • It’s up to the Federal govt and provincial govts that are making decisions that destroy the environment and all of us who rely on clean air, land and water to stop the obfuscation and implement what the courts ruled ie. aboriginal self governance. Nothing less will address the fact that 7 generations have been denied their rights and had their cultures destroyed. That’s the shame we all bear and Harper has the audacity to point fingers at China when it comes to human rights? Give me a break. It’s time to kick Harper & his conies fat conservative asses all the way to the Beaufort Sea. No more! Idle no more.


        • I’ve found there are two sides to every story, and I’m not buying everything that Idle No More says any more than I buy everything that the media or the government says.

          I have a cabin in a resort on First Nation land. It was their own government that initiated and executed the project. They also have a First Nations Interpretive Centre on the reserve, built by funding from the Province, corporate donations and their own fundraising. The Centre is a showcase of their culture, both past and present.

          There are undoubtedly people of this nation who think they have been denied their rights and had their culture destroyed – but there are many who would not agree.


  5. I guess I’m more confused than tired of the Current Protest movement. For instance, local aboriginals want to meet/talk with our mayor.

    Confusing…because alot of matters concerning land, reserves is in the domain of the federal or provincial govn’t.


    • I agree Jean. Many people don’t seem to know what level of government controls what resource. You would think they would figure that out before they would ask for a meeting.


  6. Jean,
    I am not confused at all by the idle no more movement and desire of local First Nations people to meet with municipalities. The municipalities purport to own land and have controlled lands for over 150 years that the courts say they don’t own. Municipalities along with provinces control of rivers, streams, estuaries, wetlands and water aquifers that the courts First Nations peoples are dependent on. Moreover, it’s municipalities in my province and the one your reside in who refuse to provide the fresh water from the municipal water system to reserves and who pour toxic waste into the water aquifer recharge areas. I’m going to stop discussing this online, Jean. know that it’s not because I’m ignorant or these subjects or indeed of many others – it’s quite the opposite. The land and all resources were stolen. Despite the fact the Treaties were legally binding seven generations of whites have refused to honor those treaties. Idle no more. Honor the treaties – now!


  7. I’m very tired of political correctness, and government handouts that create dependency, and special interest groups who have let the struggle become their identity.

    We have, I think, an analogous situation here in the States: Native Americans who had their land stolen, and were confined to reservations for generations. Now certain tribes have been rewarded with exclusive rights to run gambling casinos. If you can prove you’re one-sixteenth of a certain tribe, you, too, can become a millionaire. Meanwhile, other Indians live in poverty on reservations, and cling to an identity which prevents they’re ever “moving on.”

    White guilt on the one hand, and red pride on the other frustrates any hope of finding common ground, common humanity, or common sense. Yup, makes me tired.


    • Good points, Mark. There isn’t an easy answer to changing the relationship between the white man and the Native Americans, but continued dependency on government hand outs isn’t a good option.


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