Testing – A Post About Nothing


The test is to recognize the mistake, admit it and correct it. To have tried to do something and failed is vastly better than to have tried to do nothing and succeeded.
– Dale E. Turner –

Nothing else to say, really.  I didn’t mean to publish this post. I was just testing something. Before I could get it fixed, three of you had left comments. So, who knows – maybe a post about nothing will get more comments than anything else I’ve posted here…

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My new blog is at https://amusives.wordpress.com/. It will continue to feature my Photos and Stories with a Canadian perspective. My main interests are Amusing Quotations; Birds and Bugs; Plants in my Backyard; Places I visit; and Current Affairs


  1. marysmemories says

    Wait in anticipation to see what will transpire on your blog???????????


  2. Having problems, eh? That’s frustrating! Hope you get them resolved soon. I’ll take this time to tell you that I love the background to your page–looks like batik material that I would put into a quilt project!


    • Problems – yup, lots of them. Finding solutions – now that is what takes up all the time.

      This is a nice background, isn’t it. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to change it out for another one, which I will likely do when I am stuck for a solution to something else.


        • I have the Custom Design upgrade. I just click on Appearance, Custom Design, Colors – and it opens up a whole bunch of color palettes, each with multiple choices for backgrounds and font colors, etc.
          This upgrade costs $30 a year, which I think is very reasonable considering how easy WordPress makes it to have a blog.


    • Thanks for your comment about nothing – makes this sound like a segment from the Jerry Seinfeld Show, doesn’t it.


    • It is hard for people to admit they have made a mistake, isn’t it? I’ve found it is so much easier to say you’ve made a mistake than it is to try and fix it so that no one knows.


    • Your ‘not a comment’ tool seems to be working fine. Thanks for stopping by to not say anything.


  3. harperfaulkner says

    At least no one has said this was one of your best posts–that happened to me on a post like this! Humbling. HF


    • If someone says this is my best post, I’d have to think it was because it is my shortest post!


  4. Marcie says

    This made me smile. Maybe we all try too hard..and it’s really as simple..as easy as this?


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