There are 164 million (give or take a few million) blogs on the internet! Here are just a few of the ones that I have followed over the years.

Currently Active Bloggers

Expat woman and her husband – Canadian Travel Bugs – China and Canada
Christopher Martin at Christopher Martin Photography – Canada
A talented woman at composerinthegarden – USA
A Versatile writer at Curmudgeon at Large – USA
Janet at Desert Dabbler – USA
Angie Stevens at Doodlemum – UK
Elke at elkemental Force
Amanda J Edwards at Gray Gaia – USA
Hippie at Hippie Cahier – USA
Lemony Gregg at Lemony Shots – USA
Lorna at Lorna’s Voice – USA
Mark Armstrong at Mark Armstrong Illustration – USA
Mike Smith at Mike Smith Illustrator – UK
Mike Hardisty at Say it with a Camera – UK
Peg at Peg-o-Legs Ramblings – USA
Sylvia at Shots from the Heart – Canada
Ruth at Ruth E. Hendricks Photography – USA
Darla at She’s a Maineiac – USA
Dor at Technicolor Day Dreams and Virginia Views– USA
Steve at The Brown Road Chronicles – USA
Al at thecvillean – USA
Christine at The Good Life List – Canada
Sue at The Meandering Matriarch – an American living in Tasmania
Nicole at The Middlest Sister – USA
Margo at The Other Side of 55 – Canada
Maralee at Through My Lens – USA
Amy at The World is a Book – USA
JSD at Undercover Surfer – USA
A Texan at year-struck – USA

A Retired Blog is Not a Dead Blog…

Barb at Before Morning Breaks – USA
Susan at Coming East – USA
Fergiemoto at Creativity Aroused – USA
Jennifer Hamilton at The Domestic Goddess – Canada
An Aussie at Magsx2’s Blog – Australia
Charles at Mostly Bright Ideas – Canada
A creative Woman at Prairie Wisdom – USA
Phil at Random Thoughts – USA
A Virginian at Silver in the Barn – USA
Kendra at thoughts of a woman of a certain age – USA
Winsomebella at winsomebella – USA

Not every visitor is a fellow blogger, but the comments are just as valuable:
Barb, a friend – Canada
Joy, a friend – Canada
Taryn, a friend – Canada
Evelyn, a friend – Canada
Bob, a friend – American expat
deluxcanuck, a friend and cousin – Canadian expat living in Luxembourg
Beadlejuice – Canada
The Car Guy’s Sister – Canada
Anita – an American friend

There, I'm finished. Now it is your turn:

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