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Cactus and Clouds – Curves

Clouds are not as common in Arizona as they are in Alberta. One day, however I saw these ‘comma’ clouds, with a trio of Saguaro cactus stretching up as if to catch the wisps!

These clouds reminded me of punctuation. Don’t they look like big apostrophes or commas except they curve the wrong way?  I think they are Cirrus uncinus clouds, but I’m not sure.

The cactus with the curved arms are Saguaro cacti.

To see how other photographers interpreted this topic: Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

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  1. Love that picture and love the southwest. Reminds me I need to get back to Arizona soon.

    The marble picture looks like an upside down engorged tick. Just sayin’……..


    • I’m happy to report I have never seen an upside down engorged tick – I guess that is why I didn’t realize that is what my marble looks like!


    • I’ve never seen clouds quite like that before. I kept wondering what kind of weather might be coming.


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