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Alberta Flooding – Hidden Valley, Siksika – East End

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  1. So sorry to see your pretty neck of the woods flooded. I know it’s heart breaking. Let’s hope the water recedes quickly!


  2. These are frightening pictures. Water is probably nature’s greatest destructive force year in and year out. How ironic that we could never live without it. Hope you are able to recover quickly from this.


    • You are so right, Al.
      Our ‘not the cabin’ home is in the country. Water ‘in’ and water ‘out’ is something we are always paying attention to!
      The cabin – I expect the only thing we will be able to do there is salvage a few things, then close the door for the last time.


  3. Carol says

    find it hard to understand why there is not more coverage of the devastation in the Hidden Valley and of the Indian Nation of Siksika!!


    • I agree Carol. I guess the devastation here on the reserve is hardly worth mentioning compared to what has happened in Calgary, Canmore, High River etc. The media attention will shift to Medicine Hat now.


  4. Wow I read your posts and never dreamed there was THAT much water! I hope everyone is safe and the waters receed soon. We are sending well wishes to you all 🙂


    • Thanks for your thinking about us. Yes, the amount of water is incredible. It truly was the ‘Perfect Storm’ – lots of rain falling onto a large area – but all of the area is in one water shed. The rain also fell in the mountains, which melted a lot of the snow pack very quickly.


      • I guess all the bad things lined up at once… which is unfortunate for you all. My husband lived in Alberta for awhile and he has been reading about all the flooding. He was saying some of the rivers are so shallow they can’t handle this much over flow.


  5. it really is hard to look at these photos… There will be enormous cleaning up work to do.


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