4 thoughts on “Alberta Flooding – The Darwin Law

  1. On a note about fools or other adjectives, something entirely off topic really upset me today. Our beautiful city of Calgary has had enough damage. I have been frequenting the Foothills Hospital in the last weeks. I was there on Monday and again today and have always admired the cute trees cast in concrete on the access to Shaganappi Trail heading west. Today, I saw graffiti above the cute trees that was not there 2 days ago. Who could deface something like that while Calgary is going through the disaster that it is going through? I have always thought that the trees are for the children who are on their way to Alberta Children’s Hospital and now the area above them is defaced. What a disgrace !!!

    Thanks again for your blog about the damage,etc at HVGR. I called the press yesterday and hope to see an article in the Herald by tomorrow. Our predicament has not been spelled out anywhere. Just because most of us have had the resort as a “second home”, does not mean that we are all independently wealthy ! There are a fairly large number of cabin owners who were spending 6 months at HVGR and 6 months elsewhere and also some Nation members who have cabins. Hopefully an article in the paper will help our cause. Joan lot # 301


    • Thanks for your comments Joan. We have to go to the Foothills today, so I’ll watch for that. I don’t understand why people are so malicious.
      I hope the press does do an article about Hidden Valley. It would be nice if we could be elevated from “Invisible Valley”, as Tim would say.


  2. Tragedy brings out heroes, unfortunately it also brings out idiots. I don’t think the latter are necessarily malicious (graffiti idiots excepted), but they are a pain in the rumpus during an already very painful time. Sigh.


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