My Freshly Pressed Natural Disaster

Michelle, a well meaning WordPress Story Wrangler, chose my post ‘Hidden Valley – A Community Lost’  for the honour of being Freshly Pressed. Michelle had been following the story of  the flooding of our community, and she thought it deserved a wider audience.

Unfortunately, most of the Freshly Pressed readers didn’t agree. They weren’t as drawn to a story that was tagged ‘Natural Disaster’ as they were to – well – just about every other post that day… or week… or month probably. So much for my expectations of Freshly Pressed fame! I don’t, of course, blame WordPress for my somewhat dismal showing.

WP StatsAll my long time, loyal readers (and you know who you six are!) will want to know about the meteorical rise in Viewer Stats that comes with being Freshly Pressed. I’m going to satisfy your curiosity by inserting a clip from my stats page. On the far left you will see a very, very short bar, which is my usual readership. The next three bars are what happened to my readership when I posted the stories that no one else in the Google World had picked up on – the Flooding on the Siksika Nation and Hidden Valley.

Continuing on from left to right, you can see what happened when The Mainstream Media finally picked up on the story. Freefall! When you get to the fourth bar from the right – that is where I was Freshly Pressed. if the loss of our entire Community in a flood wasn’t tragic enough, I must now announce my voluntary resignation as President of the “Never Been Freshly Pressed” (NBFP) Club. (It was very short sighted of me not to proclaim myself  LIFETIME PRESIDENT.)

We are going to need a new President, and because I am the Founder of the Club, I am quite prepared to stalk and bring down the person who I feel would be best qualified to carry on the traditions we don’t really have, but would have if we should ever need them.

It is with great pleasure that I dictatorially proclaim our Treasurer, Al, of the blog thecvillean, as our new President. Now, I know that Al is not a Canadian, and he is, well, a man. But he has worked very hard to manage our dark chocolate fund and I think his dedication should be recognized and rewarded. Congratulations, Al!

A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.
– Rosalynn Carter –

As a NBFP Alumnus, I promise to sink back into relative obscurity. I promise to continue to write in the mediocre style that is my trademark. I promise to continue to overuse exclamation marks! And I promise to keep looking at life from the sunny side of the street. Feel free to view any or all of the following to see what I mean!

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  1. Ever since they moved Freshly Pressed off the WordPress home page, I just don’t think to check it (EVER!) My guess is that it’s not that people weren’t interested in your story (the series was heartbreaking, but very well written/presented) – it’s just that no one pays all much attention to FP posts anymore. Don’t feel bad – I’ve been FP’d twice and while my stats went up significantly on the day my posts appeared on the FP page (back when it was the home page), it made little difference to my overall readership. I’m not sure anyone considers it all that big a deal anymore.



  2. I didn’t even know you were pressed until I got this post. When it happened to me my stats went through the roof. But now they have settled back to pre-pressed. Maybe yours will do the reverse. .


  3. I agree with the first comment. Now that the FP posts have moved, I never, never check them. And speaking of FP or I’ve never been and wondered what I was doing wrong. Then I gave myself a silly slap and told myself not to worry about it. I didn’t even know such a group existed “The Never Been Freshly Pressed Club.” Can I join?


  4. Awesome! Congrats and sorry I missed it. Looks like a pretty big boost in hits and it’s not uncommon to fade back to normal in a few days. Glad you got to experience it though! Perhaps the next group could be the “only been FP’d once” club. Then I could join!


      • LOL, I read this on my phone, of course, couldn’t see the “captions” on the graph and assumed the big peak at the beginning was the FP’d week. Now I am on my laptop. That’s actually pretty interesting to see and it makes me curious what “term” the editors used to “tag” the post, which is often what I look at to decide if I am going to read something on the FP page. Guess what this really shows is… you don’t need to be FP’d to get a lot of readers, you just need to write something that LOTS of people want to read and share.


  5. In my usual modest and extremely good nature (typical for a non-Canadian male) I will humbly assume the exalted position thrust upon me due to this devastating turn of events.. For my acceptance speech I will just reprint the comment I made to you on my blog when you first told me of this news. To wit:

    “It’s with great surprise and mix of emotions that I humbly accept the scepter of the NBFP presidency. While feeling immense disappointment that you will not be leading us, I look forward to holding high the mantle of those of us who value underachievement.

    Since the founding of the club, you have steadfastly shown all of us how mediocrity can be it’s own reward. Obviously, your leadership frightened the powers that be at WP to the point that they “eliminated” you the only way they knew how.

    Seriously, congratulations on your award. Your reporting of that awful flood and the affect on an entire community was poignant and enlightening for those of us who followed it. I look forward to many more posts and hope for your sake they can have a happier story line moving forward.”

    Your pal, Al

    As for others who would like to join our select society, please don’t forget to send fine chocolates along with your application.


    • Thanks Al. I know I have chosen a most worthy successor. (You really sound so Canadian!)
      I hope you realize that the yearly dues can be paid in the currency of your choice…


  6. When I saw you were freshly pressed, all I could think was, what will happen to the NBFP club!? And then I thought about the story that was pressed and realized that might not be a good comment to post. So congratulations, but are you sure Al can handle it? 🙂


    • Thanks for your kindness, OS.
      I have full confidence that Al will be far more capable than I ever was! Another big plus – he lives in a much warmer climate, and not far from the ocean. Just think of the potential for a new Club House!


  7. I missed it too…i guess I belong to those who never think about FP because I realize I will never get there. But, congratulations anyway, and sorry too…i guess I thought it would be a boost if you are honoured with an FP – but illusions are meant to be just that. Illusions.

    I like your style – keep on doing what you’re doing!


    • Yes, a Freshly Pressed Canadian – doesn’t happen all that often, I suppose.
      If I type the words “Justin Bieber” in this reply, I wonder what will happen?!
      My hands down most read post is about Induction Cooking Pots and Pans. Of course, it wasn’t instantly popular, but it has stood the test of time!


  8. I always enjoy your posts and do not even know what freshly pressed is. It is so sad how so many disasters have totally altered many people’s lives. It makes me sad. I had an aunt who lost everything when she was 72 to a flood of a river by her home. She was so sad that all her photos and memories were gone.


  9. I’ve been reading your posts about the floods, but didn’t realise you’d been FP’d. Like the others I don’t look at FP since they moved it. I actually got more hits on one of my posts that was ‘hidden’ but linked to a newspaper article than I did when I was FP’d as well. It’s an odd world…


    • I didn’t know I had been FP’d either until one of my commenters pointed it out – guess I need to check that email account more than once a week or so.
      There is so much information on the web now – I think it is amazing when someone actually stumbles into my blog at all!


  10. Margie, all is not lost for you and your valuable leadership. I hereby nominate you for President of the FP Survivors Club, it seems such a shame to be cast out into the wilderness through no fault of your own. Survivors need to talk and support each other!


    • That is very kind of you Patti. I will give your idea some careful thought!
      It is interesting that you should bring up survivors. The Hidden Valley cabin owners have banded together on Facebook, and it is one very lively place. We all post pictures of our destroyed places, talk about how no one is covered by insurance and speculate on what is going to happen next.


  11. Funny. 🙂 Lots of Freshly Pressed winners get the nosedive later after the honeymoon. But at least it’s not a boot out the door from


  12. I am completely out of the loop. Belated congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. You certainly deserved it and I’m glad for you but sorry that you can no longer be president of the never yet pressed.


  13. Unfortunately views and a steady following don’t come from being Freshly Pressed, reblogs, or really even from a well written article. It comes from interaction and finding a steady audience. Thanks for sharing the stats though, I wish you the best with your blog! -OM


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Finding a steady audience – yes, that is the goal and also the biggest challenge. I’ve been blogging for over three years, and very few of the bloggers that started out when I did are still around. Being Freshly Pressed has given me exposure and only time will tell if any of my new readers hang around or any of my new followers actually will follow me! (The ‘follow’ and ‘like’ buttons are not as significant as some people hope they are!)


      • Those buttons are good, but it depends on who is using them. I guess my meaning is that going to find your audience is always going to serve you in the long run, an audience that finds you will go find something else soon enough. But employing that “follow” button yourself and seeking out an audience for “all of your work” is never a bad idea. 🙂


  14. I agree with Margo above… Since freshly pressed is no longer on the sign out page I miss checking it because it slips my mind, or lack of time. With more effort on the readers it is easy to miss. Still someone recognized your good work and insight into a great story, so you deserve the honour. 🙂


  15. I’ve not had much reading and commenting time at all. Echoing what others have said, I only check Freshly Pressed occasionally now that it’s not front-and-center. Several times now — since my personal computer time is limited — I’ve gone to check it and have seen that I’ve missed the big news that bloggers I follow have been FP’ed. Such was the case with you. Congratulations . . . and I’m sorry about the flooding. Happy-sad. 😐


    • Thanks Hippie. It is actually comforting to know that so many of the bloggers I have got to know over the years are, for whatever the reason, not as glued to their computers as I have been this past month!


  16. I was very ill the day I was FP, so I missed most of the excitement. Summer is a rough time to blog as so many people are out and about, busy with floods, moves, and career changes. Congrats on being chosen by Word Press; it is still exciting to be picked as a post worth reading!


  17. Having just read through all your posts, I do think that the post that was selected was an excellent one, and did deserve the honour, you’re just upset not to be president of the NBFP club any more!!

    Saying that, all your coverage was very moving, and unbiased, and supportive of all the community affected. Many of your posts could have been chosen 🙂


  18. Excellent!– you got FP out of your system. It’s like getting a gold star back in school, only the thrill of the gold star lasts a little longer… : )

    Congrats anyway, you did a great job of covering a very painful topic.


    • Thanks Mark. Yes, I no longer have to wonder about what it feels like to be Freshly Pressed! Feels more like Freshly Squished, but we’ll see what happens in the long term.

      I wonder if teachers put stars on charts anymore. I suppose that would be too low tech.


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