How to Make Boot Puppies

Recycle old rubber boots by making them into these adorable puppies!

Rubber boot puppies or dogs

How cool would it be to have a few of these in your yard! Here are my thoughts on how to do this!


I haven’t been able to find any instructions on the internet for how to make these puppies, but this is what I surmise from the photo:
– you need 7 boots – 4 are used for the legs, one for the back and tail, one for the lower jaw and neck, and one for the upper jar/head and ears.
– you would use a pair of heavy cutting shears to split the legs of the boots as needed.
– maybe you would use a bolt to hold the upper jaw to the lower one.
– perhaps you would fill the legs with sand to keep them from falling over.

What a happy way to remember the not so happy activity of slogging through the mud in our flooded cabins!

24 thoughts on “How to Make Boot Puppies

  1. Hey, M. I will be getting a REAL puppy after the flood! We had been thinking about one for the last 2 years and the flood was the impetus to make the decision. We were thinking of the name, “Flood” , but then decided on Simba- he is a cockapoo and almost 5 weeks old.


    1. Congratulations Joan! Depending on the dog’s colour, you could have called him ‘Mud’!
      This flood has been a game changer for me too – I’m going to buy a new washing machine!


    1. The first time I was reblogged, it was by a blog that did nothing else but reblog. My reblogged post was a photo of my family, and about 40 words – so the entire post was reblogged. It felt like something had been stolen from me. It kind of turned me off reblogging.


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