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Foreshadow of a Flood – Rain Clouds

Sometimes clouds, not fluffy ones like these, but dark, rain filled ones – settle in over the Rocky Mountains and dump buckets of water. If they do this when these mountains are still covered with their winter coats of snow, then disaster will follow.


Frozen little mountain streams turn into torrents which then fill the rivers they feed. As the rivers flow east, they merge – creating even more powerful forces. By the time the Bow River got to where this picture was taken at the Community of Hidden Valley, it was flowing faster and higher than it ever had in our lifetimes. This photo foreshadows  what was to come.

Edward VIII replaced his fly buttons with a zip, a revolutionary move; and his Fair Isle pullovers, shorts and Windsor knots were considered by some to foreshadow the end of Empire.
– Angus McGill –

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  1. We had a (summer rain) storm coming our way this morning and the clouds, though slightly ominous, were still majestic. Nice interpretation of foreshadowing!


    • Thanks Hippie. Oddly enough, we could actually use some more rain out our way. Never thought I’d say that!


  2. Thankfully I’ve never lived anywhere where flooding was an issue. I know folks who have dealt with it. Scary stuff, water can be so powerful… in a good AND bad way.


  3. We are no where near a river but we do have a fresh water lake behind us and the Chesapeake Bay one block in the other direction. Hence, I have flood insurance.

    As for Edward the VIII, if he had kept that new zipper in the up position, he wouldn’t have had to abdicate.


    • I wish we lived in a country that offered flood insurance. We certainly would have bought it!

      Apparently Edward was quite the womanizer!


    • It certainly seemed very calm and beautiful at the time, though the sound of the rushing water was the sign that all was not well.


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