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These Crafty Wooden Letters Spell Garden

Where do I spend most of the Alberta growing season… when it isn’t snowing, raining, too windy and the mosquito count is tolerable?!  In my:GARDEN

Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.
– Alfred Austin –

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is:  Letters

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My new blog is at https://amusives.wordpress.com/. It will continue to feature my Photos and Stories with a Canadian perspective. My main interests are Amusing Quotations; Birds and Bugs; Plants in my Backyard; Places I visit; and Current Affairs


    • I wandered around my yard and house for quite a while before I thought of using these letters for the challenge.


  1. chiefmadapple says

    Ok, it took me forever to read that as “garden” but it was very satisfactory once I figured it out.


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