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Where is the Letter ‘A’?

I have been sorting through photos, both the paper ones in boxes and the digital ones on my computer. It has been a big task that makes me wish I had developed a file naming or sorting system that was more descriptive than, for example, ‘UK’ – which has 79 sub-folders. It will take some time to sort through over 1500 folders and move them into more suitable descriptive locations. It has been fun, though, to revisit the past and in the process I’ve stumbled upon the fact that there are Letters of the Alphabet  in many of my photos.

Can you find the shape of the Letter ‘A’ in the photos below?

Windermere British Columbia

Stolen Church, Windermere, British Columbia

Hint: – look at the three windows, and the front door!

Fun Facts about the Letter ‘A’:

Which common English words have the most “a’s” in them?
The 6 letter word ‘banana’ and the 8 letter word ‘caragana’ can both boast being 50% ‘a’.

If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.
― Original Author Unknown –

Did you find an ‘A’ in each of the photos? I’ve posted the answers at Photos Containing the Letter ‘A’.

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  1. How fun! You could do a calendar or something if you could find all the letters. Give you something to do in your spare time…should you have any.


    • My goal is to find photos for each letter and do one letter a week… if I have time! There are sites on the internet where you can order your name made out of photos like this (cropped, of course).


  2. I enjoyed your A post very much. I agree there’s a lot of a’s in your photo. Such good fun too see.


    • Yes, it is probably more ambitious than I realize. ‘A’ photos were relatively easy ‘K’ or ‘Q’ might be impossible! Then there is the time factor. A post a week – I’m often doing good to post once a month.


      • Val says

        K could be the way someone is standing. Q could be the view of the hindquarters of a cat with its tail offside.

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