White Butterflies Hiding in the Hay Field

There is a hay field across the road from us. I love taking photos when it is full of big round bales, especially when the hawks sit on them. This spring, the farmer planted new things in the field. I haven’t figured out what all the plants are yet, but the field is absolutely beautiful! For the past few days, it has attracted masses of white butterflies. I tried to get some photos of them…

but the butterflies moved too fast! I was very satisfied, though, that I had captured the layers of blue green, bright green, shades of pink/purple, and splashes of yellow.

I decided to try an HDR technique to add more “dynamic range” (the ratio of light to dark) to the photo. I used a program called Topaz Studio and applied one of their filters to add the increased depth I was looking for. (Have you test driven Topaz Studio yet?)

Then I tried another filter – the field rendered as a drawing!

Back in GIMP (my standard editing program) I cropped the photo into a square, and applied the Darla Amazing Circle filter.

If you do the best work you can, the reward is ultimately your self-satisfaction – the sense that you have done the best you can. And then there’s that piece of how others respond.
– Jerry Pinkney –

Does the positive response of others make you feel even more satisfied with your efforts?

This week’s WordPress.com Photo Challenge is Satisfaction.


    • Topaz Studio is a new product, apparently. I’m just learning what all it can do. I really like that you can save your settings as a named filter, then use that filter for another photo. You can also download filters that others have saved.

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          • I’ve never really had the chance to use any of the Adobe products, but it does make me laugh, when many photographers won’t use anything other than there products, technically speaking, a good photographer should be able to use any software, and like you said, Gimp is very flexible. It’s like Open Office, and so much other open source software………………..I take my hat off to all those programmers who build up these projects 🙂


      • Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait to try out this version of the topaz software, my wee laptop doesn’t have enough processing power, or a good enough graphics card 😦
        But by the time I need to replace this, I’m sure I’ll be able to use it on the next pc 🙂


          • I can’t complain about this laptop either Margy, when I bought my previous pc 15 years ago, I couldn’t imagine ever needing anything better. This laptop was bought 5 years ago, was half the price, and had three times the specs! Lol!!! So in another 5 years, I should be able to get something that only 20 years ago could not have even existed!!!! Technology is moving stupidly quickly! 🙂


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