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A Satisfying Day at the ‘Gamma Dogs’ House

We recently became ‘Grandparents’ to a puppy, though the term ‘puppy’ seems odd for a dog that never was very small and is growing really quickly. Our daughter and her husband are taking their puppy, Ghost, to puppy classes and are making good progress in establishing themselves as the ‘Alpha Dogs’! This training is quickly forgotten, however, in the excitement of a day here at our rural Red House. We joke that I am so far down in the dog’s ‘hierarchy of obedience’ alphabet that I am the ‘Gamma Dog’.

“So many smells. I wonder if any of them are dog approved food. The ‘Alpha Dog Lady’ sure didn’t like the dead gopher I found here last week.”

“Sniffing, running, digging, rolling! People – I need a bowl of water!”

“And I’m done. Could someone carry me to the car?”

This week’s WordPress.com Photo Challenge is Satisfaction.

Are you a dog owner? Or – do you just enjoy a dog when it visits, then get to send it home with the owners?


  1. Poor puppy. He can handle only so much discipline and authority before he has to let loose. Perhaps you’re the “Cool Person” dog 🙂


    • Yes, Ghost is at that age where she easily forgets what she is supposed to be doing, and bounces off in a totally different direction. All the smells out here in the country must almost overwhelm a city dog!

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    • It is really very funny to see Ghost try to crawl onto our daughter’s lap! The dog is growing so quickly that it isn’t really a ‘lap dog’ already, so ‘lap’ time becomes quite an exercise where the dog tries to gather in those long legs and tail to become a size that fits.

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  2. I have found that all dogs, regardless of size, think of themselves as puppies. Of course, it is a little easier to have a 7 lb. Yorkie in your lap than, say, a 120 lb. Anatolian Shepard.

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    • Apparently Ghost could reach a weight of between 50 to 100 pounds! She will be a big lap dog at any of those weights!


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