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Windows – Watching a Fall Snow Storm

snow storm

A lacy pattern of ice on the window.

The first snow storm of the winter season, except it is supposed to be Fall…

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!
But furnace heat is delightful.
With the roads closed we can’t go,
Stop the wind, stop the cold, stop the snow!
– Margy, with help from the Christmas Carol ‘Let it Snow’ –

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This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Windows (again).

Has the weather been unseasonably anything in your part of the world in the past few months?


  1. You’re already getting snow. Oh boy it’s going to be a long winter for you all.
    I enjoy your little song, way to keep a good attitude for an early winter.


  2. Oh dear! Snow this early in the season is really demoralizing 😦
    I hope that is just a fluke and not an indication of winter’s early arrival!


    • The snow and cold changed the normal progress of fall leaf colors. Some of the leaves simply froze, and don’t seem inclined to do anything more than just hang there!


  3. You have early snow; we had a late burst of summer here in southern Ontario (temps for almost 2 weeks in late September were in the high 30s – and felt like 40!) I don’t think there’s any such thing as ‘normal’ seasons anymore! (although I’d rather have scorching heat than snow in fall!)


    • I know what you mean. If the climate in Canada is changing, I’d sooner it be getting warmer than colder. Here in Alberta we have a pretty short growing season!


  4. I actually miss seeing a good dumping of snow . . . until I think of cleaning up after it or having to be out driving in it. Nice photos.


    • Thanks for visiting – glad you enjoyed the photos. I don’t mind the snow all that much either – I just don’t like the cold part, and I really don’t like driving in it.


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