Land of the Left – Santa is Being Relocated

Here in the ‘Land of the Left’ (Canada) our Government is attempting to cut our 1.69% of the world’s Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Though our emissions are as you would expect for one of the coldest, largest countries in the world, our Federal Government is doing everything it can to let the world know they simply don’t want warmer winters (the season that has experienced the most warming in Canada).

Our government is even willing to sacrifice the ‘North Pole is Santa’s home fable’ in order to advance their cause. They published this document on its Policy Horizons website this past December:

Is it Satire? An attempt at humour? Virtue signalling?  Whatever it is, it misrepresents the basic facts about the North Pole (which isn’t on a land mass) but is a location in the Arctic Ocean where the water is usually covered with drifting ice 6 to 10 feet (1.8 to 3 m) thick and where the annual mean temperature in the winter is minus 40F (minus 40 C).

Does the Canadian Government really believe that Canadians, or the world for that matter, think that Santa can be dislodged from the North Pole by the ‘on again, off again’ vagaries of Arctic Ice and a couple of Ice Breaking ships that pass by now and then?

Consider this: Santa’s mode of transportation circles the globe in 24 hours and makes billions of stops. He has stealth capabilities and all weather traction. He has an intelligence network that Google would die for. He can enter and exit any building without tripping alarm systems, and he can eat millions of cookies and drink gallons of milk in a single night without feeling ghastly sick. Would Santa (who has maintained a residence there since about 1866 when an American illustrator, Thomas Nast, declared it was so) agree to being labelled a climate change refugee and consent to being shipped off to the South Pole? I think not.

What a wasted opportunity for a better message. The Canadian Government could have announced they were in support of a global initiative to establish the S. Claus Marine Life and Sea Ice Research Station

… or better yet, they could just leave Santa to the children.

13 thoughts on “Land of the Left – Santa is Being Relocated

  1. I can just see a bunch of suits sitting around a table, and someone threw out this idea, and the others went along with it because they didn’ have a better, workable idea.

    And some grouch piped up and said, “What a load of crock!” But someone seconded it. (Someone always seconds stupidity), and after a lengthy discussion, and a lot of back and forth emails, the grouch finally called for a vote and lost. And now he/she is sitting back and shaking his/her head, wondering how priorities got so mucked up. Maybe he/she is thinking of retiring…perhaps a tropical island. The water will rise, but at least it won’t be cold. And Santa will still be able to find him/her.

    (This is what’s going on in my head during a lot of the committees and meetings I endure. )

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    1. Forgive me if this is inappropriate, but your comment made me think of this quote:
      A committee is a group of the unprepared, appointed by the unwilling to do the unnecessary.
      – Fred Allen –


  2. I really should be thanking the left for my 10 lb weight loss as a result of these climate change posts. Every time they publish one, I lose my lunch. I think of it as bulimia without the stigma.

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    1. Yes, climate change refugees. Odd concept, isn’t it. Mankind has managed to inhabit just about every part of the globe. They have adapted to the heat of the tropics and the cold of the Arctic. They have established ways to share resources. Now we are supposed to believe that climate change, which isn’t going to be the same in every part of the world, will cause people to flee their homeland, rather than adapt or adjust…


  3. Virtue Signalling + Political Correctness = The Usual Leftist Hooey

    Nice to know, however, that pockets of sanity (Santa-ty??) still exist in Canada, specifically in the person of my favorite nature photographer!! Thanks, Margy– keep fightin’ the good fight!!


    1. The Good Fight is certainly coming. Both our Federal and Provincial elections are in 2019, and hopefully the ‘old white’ people will prevail. Personally, I think we’ve seen enough of the far-left and the far-right divisiveness.

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