Great Horned Owl Update

We haven’t seen the Great Horned Owl Family very often this past month, but I now have a permanent set of Owlet triplets to remind me of how special it was to watch the Owls.


I crocheted my own owls from a pattern at Jacquie’s Website. Jacquie says “If you are proficient at crochet you will be able to make one of these sweet little owls in no time at all.” Proficient is the operative word. My crochet skills were rusty, and apparently my counting skills were too. ‘No time at all’ took several weeks. There are many fiddly bits to the project.

The hardest part, however, was getting a decent photo of them. Their light weight little bodies didn’t want to sit on the branches of the trees. I finally had to wedge them between branches or skewer them a bit with the poky thorns.

As for real owls, two of the owlets were hunting here on July 19. There were several other owls too, but they didn’t land. The original un-retouched photos are at my Chirps and Buzzes blog post  Great Horned Owlets  are Growing Up with a comparison photo of them as babies. So cute.

Here are photos of the two Owlets, altered with a Super Sharp filter in Topaz Studio.

Happy August! How is your summer or winter so far? Decent weather? Travel? Visitors? Done anything crafty lately?

12 thoughts on “Great Horned Owl Update

    • Thanks. Fortunately the owls have a front piece and a back piece – both the same pattern. So I could pick the best one for the front, and the messed up one for the back!


    • The fiddly bits are my nemesis. I have quite a few unfinished projects that just need the finishing touches – and that will probably take as long as what I’ve spent on the main task…


  1. Great job!!!! We have had a different summer. Had 3 storms in 18 hours. One storm had 120 kph winds. Thought we were going to get blown off the rock our cabin sits on. Many trees came down in the area. Several on our lot but no damage to our buildings. We had lots of cleanup! Summer is quickly coming to an end for us. The kids arrive this weekend for a brief week, then we close up and head home so we can go down east for hockey! Looking forward to the trip but absolutely hate having to leave here.


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