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First Big Snow – It’s a Home Day!

There is a reason why we talk about the weather so much here in rural Alberta…

Early October, and it is the first big snow of the 2017-2018 Winter. The good news is: the UV and Pollen Counts are really low.

The not so good news is that the tractor is still set up for mowing grass, not plowing snow.  More snow is in the forecast – possibly 20-30 cm (7-12in) in total. The Car Guy is doing an effort/time/temp/risk/reward ‘put blade on tractor’ analysis as I write this. I think he is going to take the optimistic approach – Mother Nature will remove the white burden for him by the end of this week.

The photo above shows most of our ‘fleet’ docked on the driveway. None of them will be going anywhere until the snow melts and they can be moved into the garage for the winter. Hey car buffs – can you identify them with their snow coats on?

Topaz filter

Mountain Ash with a drawing filter

A few days ago, it was still fall, though the temperatures were more like winter. The mountain ash was a glorious gold colour with big blotches of red berries.

The same mountain ash with a different drawing filter – a snowy feel!

Topaz expressionism filter

Another filter – sort of expressionism.

Wow, now it is really snowing. I’d better suit up and shovel a path to the truck again!


  1. Great photos of the Mountain Ash and your snow story has me shivering. We are not yet ready here in Virginia for putting the blade on the tractor.


    • Hope you don’t have to ‘blade up’ anytime soon! The Car Guy put our blade on yesterday, so there won’t be any more grass mowing this year, even if the weather warms up and we have a normal fall season.


    • On the one hand, harvest is delayed. On the other hand, soil moisture is improved! I’m sure glad I live next door to a farm, but am not a farmer!


  2. We had a few flurries but nothing stuck, we did have to turn the heat on though. And while I know it’s early for snow, my gosh your pictures are pretty!


  3. Since I’m late getting here, the timing of the snow was perfect. Or was it the timing of your post? Or the timing of my getting here?? Uhh… now I’m confused… 😕


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