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Ford Trucks – Preferred by Cavemen and Thieves

According to Mayor Nenshi of the City of Calgary, Alberta, (Canada’s oil capital), people who drive Ford F350 pick-up trucks are cavemen:

… what I am interested in is helping everyone in Canada understand that we here in Alberta are not just a bunch of F350 driving cavemen… that we believe strongly in the environment, we believe strongly in the economy and we believe in financial and environment prosperity for all Canadians.
– Mayor Nenshi –

The Mayor didn’t elaborate on whether he thought all non-Ford truck drivers are cavemen too, but a number of truck drivers were somewhat offended at being called a caveman. A few managers of Ford dealerships, however, thanked the Mayor for what was, in essence, free publicity.

It was rather short-sighted of the Mayor to malign truck drivers, since over half of Alberta’s GDP comes from Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, Business and Commercial Services. Who supplies the manpower for these jobs? People who  drive big equipment, including pick-up trucks.

It isn’t just Albertans who drive Ford’s F-Series trucks. It has been Canada’s best-selling vehicle for eight consecutive years. Even thieves in Alberta like Fords. In 2018, the 2006 F-250 pickup was the No. 1 most stolen vehicle ahead of the 2004, 2006 and 2007 models of the F-350.

The Car Guy ‘steers’ clear of Fords. Guess what he drives!?
“If you can’t Dodge it, RAM it!”
“How do you make a Ford go faster? Hook it to the back of my RAM.”
“Grab life by the horns.”

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  1. My husband has an F150; he loves it! Out here (in the “wilds” of southwestern Ontario) there are more pickups than any other kind of vehicle (based on my observations). It’s an agricultural community (and those who don’t farm generally haul a lot of stuff around and/or appreciate how they push through the blustery winters!) Shame on the Mayor of Calgary for painting ANY group of people with a single (negative) brush. He should know better (I wonder what HE drives?!?!?!?)


    • An opinion piece in Macleans Magazine said: “Conservatives are taking that ‘Alberta Can’t Wait’ cry especially seriously in Calgary, where they really can’t wait. Since 2015, they’ve been governed by Liberal Justin Trudeau federally, NDP provincially, and Naheed Nenshi locally.” In short, the Mayor of Calgary paints Calgarians with the same brush the Provincial and Federal Governments do.


  2. Oh no!!!!!!! I am so disappointed to learn that Car Guy drives a Ram! My experience hasn’t been good with Ram drivers. They act like they own the road! I have always thought Car Guy was a gentleman. Surely I haven’t been wrong all these years!!!! A Ram????????


    • Yes Ev, a RAM. And the truck before that was… a RAM. Before that, a Dodge Dakota. The oldest of the fleet is a (Dodge) Fargo… so now you know that RAM drivers can be nice people!


  3. Great post Margy. You wouldn’t believe the number of these trucks driven/owned right here in the city.


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