How Will You Find Me if I Move?

If I change my site address (that link that starts out https://), how will you find me?

This is a practical question, because I am thinking about changing the site address of this blog. I started blogging almost ten years ago and my site address doesn’t feel like me anymore. Odd, isn’t it, how a very small detail like a blog address can eventually rank right up there with the irritation of running out of chocolate chips or losing your favourite pen.

On the bright side, it is extremely easy to change the site address. WordPress just ‘makes it so’. They change the address on all the posts and pages; and update all the media addresses. All my stats will remain. They also make sure all my followers (email and reader) come with me.

Unfortunately, all the comments I’ve ever made on WordPress blogs don’t get updated completely. The URL that people click would be the old site address, which would be broken. My gravatar profile (photo and the links I have entered) is always updated  with the information I entered in my profile.

Another downside is that every site that has created a link to the old blog address will become a broken link. Also, my google ranking for some things will tank for some period of time. (I have a handful of posts that have been popular for years thanks to how they rank with google!)

Before embarking on this ‘you can’t go back’ change, if you could tell me how you know when I’ve put up a new post, then I’ll know how to let everyone know what my new address is.

1. Are you an email subscriber?
2. Do you follow me on the WordPress Reader (you clicked the ‘Follow’ link)?
3. Do you use a feed reader such as Feedly?
4. Do you follow links I have posted on my Facebook page?
5. Do you follow links I have posted on Twitter?
6. Do you visit me after I have left a comment on your blog?
7. Do you stop by now and then just to see what is new?

Thanks in advance for your input!

UPDATE: Instead of changing the address of this blog, I’ve moved. You can find me at

25 thoughts on “How Will You Find Me if I Move?

    • I didn’t use the reader for a long time too. I returned to it recently because you can now enter non-wordpress feeds and it is easy to use it while you are logged into your account. I had been using Feedly for reading feeds.

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  1. Always a dilemma, isn’t it? I’m thinking of dropping my professional website and just focusing on the garden blog but I dither. I do like the WP setup. BTW, I follow you on the WP Reader and also by backtracking from your visits to my blog.


    • The backtracks are one of the bigger issues. After a bit of back and forth with the WordPress Happiness Engineers, they clarified that our comments on other blogs consist of two parts. Our photo is part of our profile (if we have set one up.) It is retroacactively updated everywhere if we update it. The URL link, however is set in stone and isn’t updated.

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