On Being Invisible

I change my blog name every few years to reflect my blogging interests!

November 2009: On Being Invisible and Red House Diaries
This blog started in a country called Canada. I was investigating the Island of Invisible Women. I had discovered I was one of the occupants. I was at that awkward age – that one between 55 and 65.  It is when a woman is older than all of her kitchen appliances, older than the house she lives in, but not as old as the dirt in the yard. It is an age when women are deemed to be too old to be beautiful and energetic, and too young to be wise and full of character. It is called the “Invisible Age.”

March 2011: A Lighter Shade of Grey
While crusading in my Coat of Invisibility, I discovered a powerful band of thieves were at work in the Wasteland of Superficiality. They had created an empire whose sole source of income depended on making women think they are not beautiful. Older women were offered dangerous potions to banish grey hair and wrinkles. Younger women  were enticed into halls of cosmetics and lairs of surgeons who promised to make all their dreams come true – for a price. Even young girls were made to believe they were not pretty enough or thin enough.

June 2012: As I Age
I was contently following my cosmetic-less Map of my Aging, when suddenly I stumbled into the Swamp of Shattered Dreams. My husband was in a motorcycle accident, several family members became ill, and my beloved Happy Place – the cabin – was destroyed in the ‘One in a Thousand Year Flood’. Stuck in the Mud Flats of Disillusionment, I shut the blog down for 4 months.

March 2014: Serendipitous and Curating Serendipity
For several years my tagline was “What I see when I’m looking for something else”. That suggested blog names like Serendipitous, then Curating Serendipity.

October 2015: Fueled by Chocolate
Dark Chocolate is my ‘go to’ treat. When I’m on my deathbed, I will eat nothing but chocolate.  I renamed my blog  Fueled by Chocolate

August 2019: New Blog – Amusives
It was a summer of change. With my tenth anniversary of blogging in sight, I accepted I wasn’t going to reach my goal of 1000 posts. I also realized I was no longer a gogreygirl dot wordpress dot com kind of gal. Time to move on to the next decade. So I started a new blog and called it Amusives, and I hope you will find it entertaining, engaging and interesting!


MargieSo, Who Am I?
I am a Canadian blogger who has chosen to write under a variation of my childhood name – Margy.  I have many other names – dearest, mother, grandma, aunt and probably the name my son-in-laws call me when I am out of hearing range…

The Red House – we share the land with white tail deer, coyotes, skunks, weasels, owls, hawks… and mosquitoes.

About Home
I have moved from house to house and country to country, but now I am home again. Home is a Red painted House in Canada. I am “Grandma in the Red House”, which makes it very difficult to contemplate painting it some other colour. I am also a Canadian Snowbird – my winter home is a ‘Bland Beige’ bungalow in Arizona.

My Family

The Car Guy, the Spousal Unit – keeper of the fleet; retired; a motorcycle accident left him with a brain injury. He and I are learning much about brain plasticity.
The CookerChristine, eldest daughter – excellent cook; mother to Lego Kid and Wild Child. Husband is The Fisherman.
The Baker, middle daughter – go-to girl for desserts at all functions, photographer, bookkeeper, mother of Sting and Curious George. Husband is Mr. RV.
The Beader, youngest daughter – a nurse, a cat lover, and a bead maker. Husband is Beast.

143 thoughts on “About

    1. Mosquitoes can make our summer kind of miserable, and apparently we also have bedbugs in our part of the world now. But compared to cockroaches and termites and fire ants, I think we are pretty lucky.


    1. Hi IMT – Inside my house – more red! The living room, dining room and front entry are all painted in a deep red! And much of the house is in various stages of unfinished renovations.
      You have a point though – I should post some inside the Red House pictures…


    1. Hi alienhippy – I’m not an artist like you, so I use my camera to tell stories. I find it much easier to write something once I have a photo or graphic in place!


  1. I like this design a lot. Very clean and simple, and the background is a welcoming color and pattern. I should have told you before, but I appreciate your photography very much. It’s smartly composed, and the colors are rich without over-saturation. I drop by just to look through your “windows”.


    1. Thanks Mikey. I’m enjoying the photography aspect of blogging, which is pushing me to figure out how to photograph things so the picture on the screen looks like the one I see with my eyes.


  2. I am not invisible in my photo. I use a tadoodle, which I think represents the best side of me. I am alot like you in THAT age group, too.

    Your discription of yourself is wonderful. The picture you protray of yourself gives you alot of latitude but I think you have great wit and can appreciate your worth as a human, as an “almost mature” (god forbid anyone else calls us that! lol) woman.

    Just popped in to view your photos of Possibility and WOW I found someone who thinks like me! Looking forward to more visits to your site.

    I hope mine can give you a little information about my values and what I call fun.

    TaTa until later, Cathy the bagg lady


  3. I’m glad to have stumbled on to your blog…very interesting! I love Canada and it’s people (family and friends). I also love your family names, much more creative than the ones I chose my grandchildren. I’ll be back.


  4. Margie, I love your About section. At least we are not older than dirt! And I am beyond the age if “invisible,” so I’m entitled to make up strange short names for the rest of my family and friends. I somehow know I will be following all of your posts and watch out for comments! Dor


  5. Hi Margie,

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award because I enjoy and admire your blog. There are some rules that go with it. I broke one of them, but I don’t think anyone will notice. If you have done this before or it’s not something you really want to do, file it away. I understand.

    Here are the rules:

    1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
Share 7 things about yourself.

    3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.

    4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

    Thank you for all your great posts.


    1. Hi yearstricken – Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award! Since I have received it a number of times, I’ll acknowledge you on my Awards Page, but delay forwarding the award until a later date. I’ve pretty much nominated most of the bloggers I follow already!


  6. Your SIL’s probably have a name for you! I about spit my coffee out. I wonder if mine does too….hmmmmmm. Glad I found your blog. I love your comments above – the invisible age and that you use your childhood name. Mine was Barbie Jo. I specifically remember telling my grandpa one day when he was driving me to my 4th grade classroom – not to call me Barbie anymore. I regret that now. I wanted to seem grown up – now I just want to have fun.


    1. Yes Pensioner, though I knew about this award when I visited Jakes blog a while back. While I appreciate awards, and understand the role they play in networking, I am not very prompt in responding to the criteria that comes with them!


    1. I appreciate your nomination, Composer. I will add a link to your blog on my Awards Page, and pass the award along at a later date. Happy New Year to you and your blog!


  7. Our home here in Bermuda is a brick red too. You can see part of it on the header on my blog. That view is of the kitchen upstairs and masterbedroom windows.


  8. In the “better late than never” category, please accept my congratulations on your remarkable entry in Dark Globe’s photo contest. Judging was a very difficult job and I’m just happy your work was enjoyed by many, many people.



    1. Hi Jennifer – Thanks so much for caring enough about my blog to tag me. While your questions are very interesting, I just don’t have time to do them justice! I’ll take a pass, thanks.


  9. I am so old my age is no longer “awkward”! A nice place to be, I assure you — and promise you .

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my animal tea cozies today on A View from the Woods.
    I like your blog a lot, and the About page especially. I think you’ll enjoy one of my very first posts on my other blog, Touch2Touch, about how white hair changed my life:



  10. As one of my first graders says, Likey Likey 🙂 I too fit the bill – exactly in the middle, between 55 and 65. I colored my hair when someone referred to my husband as my son! Ok. My insecurity is showing. Shame on me. Be seeing you…


  11. Hello Margie. Taking some time to investigate blogrolls, found you from prairiewisdom. Yup, I too am invisible. I can tell because people look right through me. And, my husband doesn’t bother to respond to me anymore. Seems I’ll be finding some solace here on your blog. Relief.


  12. Read your never never post and as a fellow Canadian can understand the lure to never never land. Although I live in southern Ontario and have had only 2 days of snow this winter. Also read your comments about letting your hair go natural – which I did to the initial horror of friends and family. But contrary to my gravatar picture, I now have white hair like you and love it. You also have quite a talent for photography. Excellent blog all around.


    1. Yes, I’m sure you understand the desire to escape winter now and then. I expect the Snowbirds in your area head for Florida, while ours head for Arizona.

      It is nice to hear from a person who has dared to defy the industry that is enslaving much of the female population. (I’m rather vocal about my dislike for the way the beauty industry makes women feel inadequate about the way they look.)


  13. Hi Margie,
    thanks for stopping by my blog and following. (actually, I thought you already were.) Anyway, I look forward to seeing your comments.

    BTW, you look great with your gray hair. I’m not ready to go there yet – I think I’ll wait until I’m completely gray, or at least retired. But my husband looks great with his gray hair.


  14. I know you don’t need more reader awards, but I nominated you for one anyway. Feel free to ignore… but know I love your blog!


  15. HI Margie, great blog!
    I’d liek to ask you are using Forever theme? but how come your font is not the same as the forever theme font? did u upgrade ? thanks! i’d like to use the forever theme but i find the font toooooo small hehe. so i hope you’ll answer my questions! thanks!


    1. Yes, I am using the Forever Theme right now (though that could change if a better one comes along!) I’ve paid for the CSS upgrade, and it gives me the ability to use different fonts.


  16. Hi!
    Great blog and beautiful theme! I have been walking here with you for a while… now I suddenly see that the following star is shining. Thank you!

    I have never heard of the “Invisible Age”…but two days ago I must have entered it then…Maybe that´s why I´m a teacher? My students never get the chance of not seeing – or hearing – me!


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