Author: Margy

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I’ve Moved

I’ve moved to a spiffy new address: On the surface, the new blog won’t look much different than the old for a while – but over time, I’ll get back into gear and start writing again (and the best content from here will go over there too). So, why the change? I can’t really explain the logic as to why I had to do this, but I did. Maybe it was because I am nearing my Tenth Anniversary of blogging in November and have outgrown ‘gogreygirl’. Maybe it is because my Dad has been moved into Hospice and I’m feeling both a sense of the impending natural completion of his long life and a challenge of what I might do with the rest of mine. Maybe it is because my computer is still at the repair shop and I have spent over two weeks working with a computer toolbox where all the ‘screwdrivers’ are now ‘pliers’ and there isn’t a ‘hammer’ to be had. Maybe it is because it is cold and rainy and …