Oh! Canada

A Few Things About Canada (Under construction – this page is, but I suppose the country is too…)

Canada is a very large country (geographically), with a relatively small population. It is situated north of the also geographically large United States. I think of Canada’s relationship with the United States as being similar to a youngster who is living in the shadow of an older more powerful sibling. But the older sibling is never going to grow up and move away.

BeaverThe Beaver is our National Animal. Here is my story about how the Beaver earned this honour – Thank You, Mr. Beaver.

Canada has a Coat of Arms, of course. Which led me to develop my own Coat of Arms, which I write about in My Coat of Arms.

Our National Holiday is July 1. It is called Canada Day. Here is my story about how our family celebrates it – 144 Years and Going Strong.

Another birthday – Canada -145 Years Old

A Federal Election – Politics in Action

Canada and US Taxation – Taxing the Canadians

ToonadayFinding a Canadian Friend – 52 Friends Plan

The Olympics came to Canada – 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Winter sometimes seems to go on forever – Last Snow Day


  1. hi Margie, thought i would say boo – as a fellow blogger, and also as a fellow Canuck 😀
    i enjoy meeting bloggers from all across the planet and find that in many respects, as global neighbours, we share a lot more common interests, experiences, hopes and dreams than those which may allegedely separate us. and we are all the richer for having rubbed shoulders.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts and clicks in this beautiful blog!


  2. Hey Margie: Bumped into your blog today. Really enjoyed your writing. I’m from Canada as well – southern Ontario. Check me out. So glad I found you! Looking forward to reading more. Cheers!


  3. Leanne Moffat says

    I have no idea how you found me but I’m glad you did because I found you! I love it here. Think I’ll wander your garden for awhile…
    p.s. I love the fact that you are one of my countrywomen! I shall be back to find more Canucks!


    • I can’t quite remember what bread crumb trail took me to your blog, but I’m glad I found you too. I’ll be back to your Canadian blog soon!


  4. Hi Margie, Where ‘abouts’ in Canada are you? I am Canadian, but living abroad and have for 3 years now. It is nice to find other Canadians here and abroad. Sometimes it is nice just to have someone get the references and not think we put maple syrup on everything 😉


    • I’m from Alberta, but have lived in the UK and the Middle East. We also lived in Texas for a while, and have recently started spending part of our winter in Arizona.
      Yes, I know what you mean about how nice it is to meet people who you don’t have to explain everything to!
      Interesting you should mention Maple Syrup. Maples, the syrup kind, don’t grow in Alberta, and the Canadian Maple Leaf – well those maples don’t grow in Alberta either. I’ve often thought that many of the things that are deemed to be Canadian, are really quite foreign!


      • Too funny! Well I guess when the symbol was ‘born’ it was before we were united coast to coast (if public school history serves me correct).
        There is a tree here in Shanghai and the leaves are similar to a maple and the kids always pick me some and tell me it is my Canada leaf 🙂
        I guessed you were Northern Ontario from the picture.
        Nice to meet you eh? (really I don’t often say eh, but you know gotta show the sterotype ;))


  5. Lovely to meet a fellow Canadian! I’m somewhere in the middle of the country, trapped in a big city, just trying to have my mid-life crisis in my sassy green boots! Or survive! I’m happy either way! 🙂


    • Welcome to my part of Canada – the western bit of it. I’m glad to say my mid-life crisis was long ago, though there are days I think crisis is a cyclical thing that comes and goes no matter how old you are!

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