Mountain Bluebird

The Feather Files Name: Mountain Bluebird Species: Sialia currucoides Native to and Migration: Mountain Bluebirds breed in western North America as far north as Alaska. They winter as far south as central Mexico Date Seen:  May 2016;  May 2017 Location: Arches National Park, Utah, USA;  North of Calgary, Alberta, Canada Notes:  Mountain Bluebirds will use … Continue reading Mountain Bluebird

American Robins Raise Another Batch of Babies

The last nestling watched the previous nestling hop across the ground. Both babies were chirping, as were the two adults who were stationed nearby at the edge of the woods. After a few minutes of indecision, the last baby was suddenly air born! It flew almost to the edge of the woods - an impressive … Continue reading American Robins Raise Another Batch of Babies