I Believe

I Believe Women should not let hair colour define them. Arctic Ice Blonde can come out of a bottle, or it can be, for a few women like me, the natural colour of your hair.

I Believe Women will achieve the Equality and Happiness they deserve when they can defy all the industries that make them feel unworthy. The impact on their self-esteem by the superficial world of the beauty industry and “Beauty Bias” is far greater than most women realize.

I Believe the Media does a better job at Instilling Fear in people than it does in empowering them.

I Believe Ageist Attitudes are insulting and demeaning to the Seniors of many cultures.

I Believe there is great value to Diversity. “Valuing diversity recognizes differences between people and acknowledges that these differences are a valued asset.” – Susan J. Barkman and Hannah L. Speaker –

I Believe ‘Climate Change‘ is an ever changing and evolving topic. It is simply wrong to say the ‘Science is Settled’.

In short, I think people should be comfortable in their skin, regardless of their age, appearance, and all the other variables that make this world so diverse and interesting.

I wish every woman could find a way to appreciate themselves for who they are, and let who they are be how they look.


  1. Aging requires us to replace creaky (and worse) body parts with more mind juice, more intent, more purposeful living. A smart friend told me this. Looks like you already know it. 🙂


    • You are so right. Just because our bodies get more creaky as we age, doesn’t mean we have to let our minds do the same thing.


      • No, I’m just lazy and cheap. Coloring my hair every six weeks was bothersome, messy, and expensive. And nice head of silver hair is certainly prettier than the mix I’ve got now.


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