There are 164 million (give or take a few million) blogs on the internet! Here are just a few of the ones that I have followed over the years.

Currently Active Bloggers

Expat woman and her husband – Canadian Travel Bugs – China and Canada
Christopher Martin at Christopher Martin Photography – Canada
A talented woman at composerinthegarden – USA
A Versatile writer at Curmudgeon at Large – USA
Janet at Desert Dabbler – USA
Angie Stevens at Doodlemum – UK
Elke at elkemental Force
Amanda J Edwards at Gray Gaia – USA
Hippie at Hippie Cahier – USA
Lemony Gregg at Lemony Shots – USA
Lorna at Lorna’s Voice – USA
Mark Armstrong at Mark Armstrong Illustration – USA
Mike Smith at Mike Smith Illustrator –  UK
Mike Hardisty at Say it with a Camera –  UK
Peg at Peg-o-Legs Ramblings – USA
Emilio at Photos by Emilio – USA
Sylvia at Shots from the Heart – Canada
Ruth at Ruth E. Hendricks Photography – USA
Darla at She’s a Maineiac – USA
Dor at Technicolor Day Dreams  and Virginia Views–  USA
Steve at  The Brown Road Chronicles – USA
Al at thecvillean – USA
Christine at The Good Life List – Canada
Sue at The Meandering Matriarch – an American living in Tasmania
Nicole at The Middlest Sister – USA
Margo at The Other Side of 55 – Canada
Maralee at Through My Lens – USA
Amy at The World is a Book – USA
JSD at Undercover Surfer –  USA
A Texan at year-struck – USA

A Retired Blog is Not a Dead Blog…

Barb at Before Morning Breaks – USA
Susan at Coming East – USA
Fergiemoto at Creativity Aroused –  USA
Jennifer Hamilton at The Domestic Goddess – Canada
An Aussie at Magsx2’s Blog – Australia
Charles at Mostly Bright Ideas – Canada
A creative Woman at Prairie Wisdom – USA
Phil at Random Thoughts –  USA
A Virginian at Silver in the Barn – USA
Kendra at thoughts of a woman of a certain age – USA
Winsomebella at winsomebella – USA

Not every visitor is a fellow blogger, but the comments are just as valuable:
Barb, a friend – Canada
Joy, a friend – Canada
Taryn, a friend – Canada
Evelyn, a friend – Canada
Bob, a friend – American expat
deluxcanuck, a friend and cousin – Canadian expat living in Luxembourg
Beadlejuice – Canada
The Car Guy’s Sister – Canada
Anita – an American friend


    • Hi Jess – Thanks so much for the nomination! I will add you to my Awards Page, and one of these days, when I have a bit more time, I will fulfill the obligations of this award!


  1. Just subscribed. I’ve been reading you for a while, commenting now and then, enjoy your visits my way, love your photography and admire your prose. Subscribing will help me remember not to forget (a part of being in my 50’s). I try to keep the mind and the house as clear and uncluttered as possible.


  2. Hi Margie, lovely site! This is Elizabeth from SeniorHomes and we would love to know if you would be interested in having one of your articles posted on our site. We are starting a weekly roundup of the best senior oriented websites. If this is something you are interested in then please drop me an email at
    Elizabeth Collins


  3. I just found your blog because the My Sardinian Life blogger nominated your blog for an award. I will be adding you to my “Links We Like” blog roll. It seems we are in similar places (not necessarily geographically, unless you consider North America a “place”). My blog is “Boomeresque: Baby Boomer Travels for the Body and Mind”. I hope you and your readers will feel inclined to check it out.


  4. Saw a comment by you, came to look around quietly, liked what I saw, and am following quietly in the background from the opposite side of the world… one of the last babyboomers…


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