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The Woman Who Patented the Zigzag Stitch

The first patent on a zigzag stitch machine was issued to a woman.

Story of a Bunny Pattern

My mom was a knitter and a sewer. (In retrospect, Seamstress looks better than sewer. Sewer suddenly looks like a place of waste management). One of her earliest projects (after I was born) was a stuffed bunny that I called ‘Baboo’. The pattern in this photo is the one she used over mpffmp years ago. […]
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The Long Journey in the Creation of a Jug

A while ago I wrote a post called I Tried Being Subtle. It tells the story of how I came to make the Jug that is in this photo. Today – same Jug, different photo and a brief discussion about the word Create. Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they […]
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Origami – The Math of Fortune Telling

“Pick a colour!” “Red.” Schoop, schoop, schoop. (This is the best I can do at describing the sound made when a Paper Fortune Teller is manipulated.) “Pick a number!” “Six.” Schoop, schoop, schoop, schoop, schoop, schoop. “Pick another Number, and I’ll reveal your fortune!” “Two.” The flap with the number two is unfolded and the […]
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Duct Tape – Product with a Million Uses

One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop. – G. Weilacher – How often have you observed people’s ability to take a perfectly ordinary utilitarian product and turn it into something quite extraordinary, or at the very least unexpected? You know, things like wine […]
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Welcome to Canada – The Vancouver Riot is Over

My morning routine includes a few hours in my favourite chair with my laptop computer. I zip around the world on the Internet. Yesterday morning my first stop was Vancouver, and that was pretty much as far as I got as I watched the story of the Vancouver Riot be told. Initially I was dismayed […]
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