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Your Blog – What Do Your Visitors See?

I give my blog a make-over now and then. (WordPress.com has so many themes to try). When I test drive a new one, I ask a few friends to let me know what their browser thinks of the change. Does my blog load fairly fast on their computer, phone or other device? Can they read […]
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Increase Your Chances of Being Right

In “post-fact culture”, where rationality seems to vanish in the storms of lies and conspiracy theories, beliefs about the future are crucial. – Gapminder Data System – Are you smarter than a chimp? Watch this funny, entertaining and encouraging video to see how your knowledge compares to the chimps at the zoo. How much do […]
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Layered Treats – S’mores and Rice Krispies

There are many layers of history for the ingredients in this  S’mores and Rice Krispies® recipe! – Chocolate has been around for more than 2000 years. Sweetened chocolate didn’t appear until Europeans discovered the Americas and sampled the native chocolate drink, which was bitter. They added sugar, and by the 17th century, chocolate was a […]
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Anticipating a Better Picture – Over the Air Television

One of the things on our Christmas wish list this year was a gift for our TV set. Television – in my lifetime, I’ve ‘seen’ it all! Our first TV had rabbit ears which were enhanced with wire and tinfoil. In later years we had roof top antennas, then big satellite dishes, little satellite dishes, […]
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Finding Sea Glass at British Columbia Beaches

Beachcombers love to find Sea Glass on the beaches on the West Coast of Canada.

How to Make a Simple Nutella Dessert

There are many Nutella Desserts, but none is simpler than this! Ingredients: 1 jar Nutella hazelnut spread Equipment: 2 extraction tools – a spoon and a rubber spatula Directions: 1. Open the lid of the jar. 2. Use your spoon (size optional) to scoop out the Nutella. 3. Put the spoonful of product directly into […]
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