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Housework is Exercise – Get Dusting!

The 1998 poem “Dust If You Must” by Rose Milligan is going around the internet again. It starts with: Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better To paint a picture, or write a letter, Bake a cake, or plant a seed; Ponder the difference between want and need? Of course, painting and writing […]
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Distractions – Three Hours Later I Found the Twist Ties

A search that kept getting sidetracked.

The Winter Disorders – SAD and SDUSTD

In the Northern Hemisphere, December 21 is the day that has the least number of daylight hours. Where I live, that is a scant 7 hours and 54 minutes.  Today, the greatest altitude of the sun above the horizon will be 15.6 degrees. If you compare that to June 21, when there are 16 hours […]
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Clean Your Computer Day

Did you know that there is a National Clean Out Your Computer Day? It is the second Monday in February and it was originally sponsored by The Institute for Business Technology. The task for the day is to do all the maintenance things that keep a computer running well, including giving the physical equipment a […]
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Spring Cleaning at my Blog and at my House

My apologies to all of you who subscribe, either by Email or RSS Feeds, to this blog. You are probably going to be dragged into my Spring House Cleaning. I am tidying up this blog – fixing spelling mistakes, dusting the photos, throwing out some stuff. All this activity could be recorded as an update […]
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