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Old Car Pencil Sketches

All photos altered with a pencil sketch filter in FotoSketcher. The story that goes with these photos is at Old Car Nostalgia.

Would Grandma Approve?

A Collage of Doilies. What would Grandma think if she saw some of her handiwork hanging on the wall!? My previous post about Doilies is at Preserving and Using Grandma’s Doilies. Do you have any of your Grandma’s  or Grandpa’s treasures displayed in your house? This week’s WordPress.com Photo Challenge is Collage.

Arizona, Washington, and Germany – An Artistic Look at Bridges

‘Post processing’ or photo editing can not only slightly improve a photo, it can extensively alter it! Here are a few ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples I applied to photos of Bridges. Bamberg is an beautiful example of an early medieval town in central Europe. It has a large number of surviving ecclesiastical and secular buildings. […]
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Water as Snowflakes

A Colored Pencil Filter Fine Wine Filter in Topaz Studio. The original photo is at Whatever Floats Your Boat.

Sunflowers – Life Imitates Art

I love big, bold Sunflowers. Here I’ve asked one of them to Imitate works of Art. “Like when the Orchids in the ditch pretended to be the “Old Masters“, my sunflower asked? “Yes”, I replied. “Much like The Mona Orchid by Margio da Antelope Street and Someone’s Mother by Margy (a Whistling Bird is nearby). […]
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Fall Foliage