A Ghost in Landscape Mode

A Special Report from our ‘Rover’ reporter, Ghost the Dog:

Hi Peoplekind!

This photo shows me thinking. It might look like sleeping, but you can see I have one eye open. I do my best thinking when I’m in ‘landscape mode’ – and what better place to stretch out than on a people couch!

Right now, I’m thinking about what The Gamma Dog (owner of this blog but not owner of me) meant when she told me politicians are sometimes kind of whackadoodle (it’s an election year and The Gamma Dog tells me all sorts of things when we go for a walk. I don’t think anyone else wants to listen to her anymore). A Wackadoodle – all I’ve come up with so far is that it must be a kind of poodle cross that I’ve not seen  at the dog park.

I’m not that impressed with Poodles, really. Our common ancestor was a prehistoric wolf! I see a lot of wolf in me, but a poodle – well let’s just say they developed along a branch that should have been lopped off before it got as far as it did.

The Gamma Dog  tells me that because I am a dog, I don’t see as many colours as some people. (I don’t really remember what issue we were discussing when we got onto this topic.) I’m red-green colour blind. The Car Guy is colour blind too, so we have that in common. When I visit their house, I am The Car Guy’s shop dog. I don’t get to go into the house. I thought when I quit piddling a lot, I might get a house pass. Sadly no. The Gamma Dog says if I could leave my coat outside, she’d let me in. (I shed a lot…) Plus, she says I can’t chew sticks in the house and I can’t knock stuff off shelves with my tail. That would be a lot to give up just to see if her couch is comfortable.

Well, that’s if for now. I really have to go to sleep but if you want to read more about me, just click on Ghost.




And That Ended The Card Game

Hi again. My name is Ghost. I’m this blogger’s daughter’s dog. The last time I ‘blogged’, I was back in Puppy Classes again. I think they went rather well for my owners. I wasn’t as impressed, because apparently I am going to have to get used to ‘coming when I’m called’ and all sorts of other infringements on my love of absolute freedom.

Freedom to do what I want. Case in point is this ‘incident’ from before puppy classes. I had a sleep-over at the aunt’s house. The whole family was playing cards on this flat topped piece of wood (that looked like the floor).  They called it a ‘table’, but I didn’t have one of those at my house yet, so how was I to know that it was off limits to me!?

Anyway, I thought it would be okay if I joined the card game, so with a speed that surprised even me, I unlocked, launched and landed right onto the middle of the table. Then I settled down to wait for whatever might happen next.

For a minute, Auntie and the family had that look on their faces that people  get when something unexpected happens, even though that unexpected thing was within the realm of possibilities of what a free spirited puppy might do if it is… lets say curious.

Later, when Auntie was asked why she didn’t immediately scoot me down off the table, she explained, “It was like watching a train wreck. Suddenly there was a dog in the middle of the table. We could either get the dog off the table or we could all just get our phones out and take pictures of the ‘damage’…”

For more stories about me, click this link: Ghost (that’s my name). Ghost, now you see me on the floor, now you see me on the table, now you see me in the dog house… again…

Puppy Classes… Again

Grandpa Car Guy said (or maybe he suggested, even perhaps asked) “Shake a Paw.!?”

As near as I can recall, I said “Why? What do you seek in this engagement?”

I may have said or done a few other things too…

So I’m back in a Dog Training Class again. Apparently I could be the dog that gets the ‘most improved’ award – but it is much too early to tell whether I will ‘paw the line’. Early days…

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The quotation “What do you seek in this engagement?” is from the book Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. The photo has had a Rembrandt filter applied in Topaz Studio.