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How to Make a Simple Nutella Dessert

There are many Nutella Desserts, but none is simpler than this! Ingredients: 1 jar Nutella hazelnut spread Equipment: 2 extraction tools – a spoon and a rubber spatula Directions: 1. Open the lid of the jar. 2. Use your spoon (size optional) to scoop out the Nutella. 3. Put the spoonful of product directly into your mouth. Enjoy! Repeat until your conscience tells you to quit, or you don’t feel so good any more. 4. Switch to the rubber spatula when the jar is nearly empty. Nutrition: Nutella has NO artificial colors or preservatives and is a source of Fiber, Calcium and Iron. It does, however contain oodles of sugar and saturated fat. Conclusion: I really like Nutella, but because foods like this are going to migrate directly to my hips, I agree with the following observation: Nuts just take up space where chocolate ought to be. – Author Unknown – Do you stock Nutella in your pantry? What is your favourite way of eating it? Post 464

How to Make Melted Crayon Art

Last fall each of my grown children purchased new crayons and artist’s canvas, and it wasn’t for the grand-children to take to school. No, they used a glue gun, a candle and a hair dryer to create a merger of the crayons and the canvas. Here is what they made: The result was my Christmas Present last year.  I’m hoping they will do the same this year. I loved the results! One daughter, the one who lives to cook, presented me with this beautiful bundle of vegetables. I can only imagine how long it took to melt the crayons with a candle, then plant each melted bit onto the canvas! Another daughter glued black, grey, white, green and yellow crayons onto the top of a canvas, then used a hair dryer to melt the pointed ends so they dripped. Note the new colours that formed near the bottom where one colour ran into another. The third daughter – whose husband rides the same model of Harley that The Car Guy did (see A Perfect Storm) …