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Dark Days

It comes with no warning. Days of being sad. Energy tank on empty. Dark, dreary, heavy days. Overwhelmed. Too much, too many. I’ve been down this road many times before. It always passes. It is seasonal or hormonal or just being sad. It isn’t depression, but it is a gift that helps me to understand […]
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This is my Crone Voice

On one of my recent ‘wanderings’ I came across the word ‘Crone’ or more specifically, the Crone Archetype. Initially, I had a not so pleasant vision of a ‘Crone’, but further reading made me realize that some might say I AM a Crone! Perhaps you are too. (If you are a man, then your corresponding […]
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Do You Love the Skin You’re In?

Did you see the unretouched photo of actress Jamie Lee Curtis in 2002?  It was taken when she was 43 years old. Jamie insisted the photographer, Andrew Eccles,  shoot her with no makeup, no manicure, no hair styling – wearing only an exercise bra and underwear. She did not want the photo altered in any […]
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The Woman Who Patented the Zigzag Stitch

The first patent on a zigzag stitch machine was issued to a woman.

The Why and What of Vanity Sizing and Metrics

Vanity sizing (size inflation) is the phenomenon where ready-to-wear clothing of a particular size becomes bigger in physical dimensions over time.

I Cut My Own Bangs

Are you brave enough to cut your own bangs?