Opinion Dressed Up in ‘News’ Clothes

What we used to call the ‘News‘ isn’t really news anymore, is it!? Often it is simply ‘Opinion‘ dressed up in its ‘news’ clothes… and there is so much of it. It is hard not to be overwhelmed with the volume of information that you might have to digest in order to make a decision about something. This is why people switch to the default … Continue reading Opinion Dressed Up in ‘News’ Clothes

Differing Opinions, Honest Conversations

Fannie Flagg’s book, ‘Standing in the Rainbow’, was published in 2002. One of the central characters is a politician who appealed to a similar electorate as President Trump did – people who felt powerless and voiceless. One of her characters spoke for marginalized older white men when he said: What bothered him and other men his age and older was that the things that they … Continue reading Differing Opinions, Honest Conversations