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Bias in Journalism … Truth Decay

Ever had one of those ‘eureka moments’ where you come across a previously unknown, or perhaps once known but now forgotten, piece of information that explains one of those ‘how on earth did we get here’ observations? Example: how did we (and I can only speak for Canada and the USA) get to a place […]
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WordPress Reader is Acting Strangely

Do you follow my blog in the WordPress Reader? If you do, then you might be wondering why I am reposting old stuff. The short answer is, I’m not. The WordPress Reader is doing it for me – a totally unsolicitated behaviour. The Reader is also not advertising most of my new posts. Catch 22 […]
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‘It Takes One to Know One’ Department

Do you read the comments that come after Internet news articles? Some commenters (usually anonymous) are extremely mean and abusive! Their attacks seem like the online version of a school yard bully. Here  are a few comments I read at the end of just one Canadian news story this morning: …You are a fool. …Hope […]
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Rockyview Motorsports Sidelined

Rocky View County denied Rockyview Motorsport’s proposal to develop NE of Airdrie.

Rockyview Motorsports – Decision Just Days Away

Rockyview Motorsports Park not welcome by farmers.

We are Canada – We Are Winter

Many places in Canada have more than 80 days a year when the temperature never rises above freezing – day after day after day. Here at the Red House in Alberta, the coldest month of 2013 was December. We had an average daily low temperature of -17°C (1.4°F). It is no wonder, then, that Canada […]
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